Alternative solution to the ban & report system

I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently. Many people have been complaining about their reporting being ignored or the banning system being unfair. Obviously there are 2 sides unhappy with this and complaining about the current system.

  1. People who have been unfairly banned and
  2. People who have reported toxic or cheating players but nothing is done to punish those players

I think the best way forward is to get rid of the banning / reporting system completely and replace it with a simpler system which doesn’t require any maintenance or review from the Devs. Instead of reporting, users should just be able to block players they don’t want to play with again after the game has finished, just like you would block a user on Facebook. So this would mean banned players could keep playing and the reporting players won’t be matched with people they’ve blocked, so everybody wins. And the Devs won’t need to waste so much time reviewing their system’s ban decisions when people appeal a ban.

So just like when you report a player, a similar box will pop up and you just click Block Player, then select a tick box giving the reason why. In between games, you can go to your Block List at any time to unblock players individually or temporarily unblock all players on your Block List if you’re struggling to find a game.

Toxic or cheating players will still be indirectly punished because the more they get blocked, the harder it will be for them to find games on the ladder. This kind of softer punishment is better for the game I think. Hard punishment like banning just makes people angry and doesn’t solve the problem, it just triggers them and makes them less agreeable.

What do you think?

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It can be abused to avoid playing with people with special styles.

Biry already got dodged 3 times in a row? If there is a block system, Biry may as well play smurf.
Seems like a really bad idea at least for this case.


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Yeah it is really a bad idea. People will start banning players that they simply don’t like, or can’t beat (lost a few games to the same person, then just ban him). And if everyone start doing this the player base will shrink overtime as there are more players that are banned.

However I do suggest aoe2 de implement aoe3 ban style. If you don’t like a players, you can ban him in game, preventing him from communicating with you. But that doesn’t stop him from matching with you it’s just you can’t see whatever he is talking. I have been trying to ban players in aoe2 because of bad words they say to me, but i can’t find anywhere to do it

We do need report system to punish cheaters and griefers. We also need moderators to review reports and punish abusers.

The report system need to be updated with more details such as which player at what time made what actions that should be punished. There also need to be a warning and actions to remind players whoever abuse report system will be suspended , so that the players will take the report system more seriously. I know it might be a big investment for the developers in the beginning but I also think there isn’t many big cheaters and griefers in fact, so there will be less work when report abusers are eliminated.

IMO, cheaters and griefers should be permanent banned because we can’t do anything to avoid them as players.

Toxic people should not be punished. The system is actually encouraging people to be toxic because we have taunts 20, 27, 105, and there is no way to define offensive GG and noob calling. Thus, mute the people you don’t like is the best solution against toxic people.

Early resign and map dodging should not be considered as rule breaking. They are actually a part of bad sportsmanship. We are giving time out to the players who resigned before min 5 right now, but we can’t do anything to the players who resign at min 6 or min 10. We also can’t do anything to the players who refused to cooperate.

In order to deal with bad sportsmanship , we might need a system to estimate players’ behave points so the players with similar behave points play together. Players receive positive behave points after each good game. Map dodging and people dodging should be allowed but the dodger receives negative behave points so there will be less early resign. Players should be able to rate each other in order to help the system to estimate players’ behave points. Whoever always with bad sportsmanship will get low rating for sure,

No, that’s not how it would work. You can’t just ban everyone you can’t beat. Because eventually you would run out of players to face and you would have to wait longer and longer for a game. Eventually you would realise all the blocks you’ve set up in the heat of the moment are actually stopping you from getting games and improving / gaining ELO.

Maybe 1 to 3 bans for each player to ban the people they don’t like.
They can also give players options on if they want to expand the matchup elo range when there is not enough players in queue.

You guys really hate Biry right 11
and Hoang, and prob Morg (those guys got dodged much more than others afaik)

this is the most toxic game on the internet, im banned on multiple accounts and i keep buying it, ive gotten to the point ive started looking for peoples real life info because all you play is trolls at 1000-1300 elo