Alternative to revolutions: unification

Good evening every one. I want to comment about an idea I have for the Germans, but which could be applied also to the Italians if they are eventually added to the game: unification.

What would be unification? It would be like another revolution option, but for civilizations which formed new states in the later moments of AoE 3 timespan, namely, Germany and Italy (only if the Italians are added).

Compared to standard revolution, it would represent several microstates joining to form a bigger state, instead of a colony breaking ties with its motherlad, so gameplay could be adjusted to make both unifications more similar between them than to other revolutions. Otherwise, it could be similar to any revolution (changes in flag, home city, card deck…).

I don’t want to go deep in gameplay, I left those details to the game devs, if they like my idea. What do you think about that?


What would be the (big) difference to revolutions others than the name? And how would you make multiple unification paths for one country? Example Germany: would it be like (prussian dominance vs bavarian dominance vs austrian dominance vs Switzerland) or (großdeutsche Lösung/greater Germany vs kleindeutsche Lösung/Lesser Germany)? I like your idea and see the point your making, but i think it would require a complete redesign of the germans in aoe, since they feel very ‘united’ and like a normal nationstate already. I think a way of representing it could be an Imperial age Up politican (maybe Bismarck) giving one special ability or a buff instead of 2000coin or cannons. I think implementing a new revolution-like mechanic would be to controversal for the community

Basically, the name would be the main difference, just like another revolution more. I just think that they may share a common feature between unifications.

I haven´t though in multiple unification paths, but it may be something like choose a card from two or three, like the Austrian, the Prussian and the Bavarian card (that could actually be the shared feature between unifications). I wanted to left the gameplay details appart.

And I don’t think that Germans would need a change, for example. As you said, they’re already created to represent different principalities. This would be just an alternate revolutionary option, named different, but similar at the end, which would represent a fully union (German flag could change from HRE to Germany, for example). I didn’t mean to suggest a completely different mechanic.

About the politician idea, if I’m not mistaken, the Imperial Age isn’t popular, so I think it won’t be seen frequently.

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Just make the unification a different revolution with different buffs, just like the japanese isolationism.

Make a more eco oriented revolt like south África with more factories

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