Always have the worst teammate of the match because my number of played matchs is bigger?

Is it just an unfortunate coincidence or does it happen to someone else?

If ur talking about ranked I think it only matches based on ELO If your a 1200 and fighting two 1100 then you might be matched with a 1000 which could very well be a straight up fresh faced Noobscicle
Since 1000 is where you start and it could be thier first game.

Thanks for listening. I really hope it is based only on ELO, because the number of games played does not reflect the skill and I hope this will be considered in the ranking. I’m not asking for any reward for playing the game often, I just didn’t want to feel like I was at a disadvantage simply by still enjoying to play it.

play with me then my steam code is 899799136 if your online ill invite you two a ranked 2v2

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Thank you, i sent the invitation.