Am I the only one who think African DLC won't be that good? And want the next DLC to focus East Asia?

No, every civ appears in at least one campaign scenario or historical battle. I mean civs that are not the player civ in a campaign. Mayans are the obvious one with few interactions, but I guess also Japanese and Koreans.

Oh fair enough. I don’t really keep track of these things.

There’s no scenario with Swedes as far as I know. None with the playable versions of the Incas or Aztecs either.

Both of these had wars with mongols and chinese so not isolated.

If we get a viking campaign sweden might get included.

I need REAL Skraelang for my Viking campaign!




Well yes, when I said “every civ” I’m only talking about civs that are actually in the game.

Incas and Aztecs both have campaigns, Pachacuti and Montezuma [sic].

Yes, I said “few interactions”, not “no interactions”.

Oh wait I thought this was an AoE3 thread. You’re free to ignore everything I said.


As an African I find this borderline offensive. There are a lot of people on this continent who play age2. Part of the reason I love this game is because it’s always run on a toaster which means us third world scrubs can run it on our cheap ■■■ PCs. There is a market here, might not be huge, but it’s loyal and engaged.

As for the fans who “don’t know” about African civs, this is a perfect opportunity to learn! I learnt so much from playing age1 campaigns as a kid and it inspired me to go and research more.

As for the fans who “don’t care” about African civs, they can get lost. Our history has been erased for long enough. People think Africa is nothing but the place that got colonised. Our history is so much richer than that. Start caring.


This is true and I have said the same myself, even if I am more interested in Europe or Asia.

Well you can’t force them to care. If they do not care this could also mean they are fine if African civs are added.

Yes, or was never well recorded. But this is not really the fault of any of the average forum users. This is because entertainment media really only cares about what will bring them more money. A Viking film vs a film about a medieval African king. It is very sad but we need to be blaming the rich in the west, who just want to be richer.

Also it is a shame to see that entertainment industry “fixes” this by adding Africans into historically based films literally set in Europe etc. This does not help anyone and only spreads misinformation about African history.


Which African civilizations would you like to see in the game?

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Theres many African kingdoms that have better records than some old world civs we already have or people ask for.

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for example?..

Or erased because of the colonisation…


I think having the Zulu would be epic.
First off, for the campaigns, Shaka’s life story is pretty epic and would make an awesome campaign.
For standard games, there are a lot of interesting mechanics you could introduce with them.
Some of Shaka’s biggest innovations on the impi were to have his warriors shorten their spears and use them for stabbing instead of throwing, training them barefoot to further reduce weight and make them faster, and the introduction of the “horns of the buffalo” formation where the very young and fast warriors head to the flanks and go for the surround, similar to having cavalry on the flanks.
You could have the iklwa unique technology which could transform your ranged assegai-throwing warriors into melee warriors while increasing their movement speed.
You could maybe even have as a civ bonus that the Zulu get access to a new unit formation that noone else has. Might be tricky to make this work but it could also be an awesome addition.
The Zulu also used scorched earth tactics. You could come up with some interesting raiding mechanics based on that. Maybe they do extra damage to farms. Maybe, if they kill a farm, the terrain underneath it changes so that you can’t rebuild a farm there anymore! Imagine that.
I also think the Kingdom of Dagbon, and Great Zimbabwe could be interesting.

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Aoe2 is based around the medieval era your suggestion will fit aoe3 time frame.


true. But the fact remains that the history is gone forever due to this or whatever other reasons

Or other African states. Kinda like how the Tamguts or Cumans dont have nearly as much information as comparable Asian kingdoms because of how the mongols attempted to erase the kingdoms from history basically

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