Am I the only one who think African DLC won't be that good? And want the next DLC to focus East Asia?

Why are you so concerned about that? They are an asian empire built by sedentary peoples, its pretty weird to find any kingdoms like that that dont have a possible wonder.

And yeah theres plenty of recorded military stuff about Majapahit for a UU

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Nope. One thing you have to remember that is the Party doesn’t really care about past or extinct polities and ethnic groups, so the 5 that I mentioned are completely safe to add.

I’m not concerned about anything. Something like this can be used as a Wonder: The Majapahit Empire: The Short Life of an Empire that Once Defeated the Mongols | Ancient Origins (

I won’t argue about that.

At least we have rulers that can be made into interesting campaigns: :smiley:

And here is an icon for the civ: :smiley:

RsfffGDtpW6SoQB1jTI-ROtoAPQwOUe3aSIJtvfgpoE.png (576×360) (

Something like this Surya Majapahit by ShahAbbas1571 on DeviantArt might be appropriate as well and will be distinctive from the icon for Malay. :smiley:

UUs are the only ones that will be difficult to find though in order for them to be destinct from Malay, Burma and India.

So far Majapahit as a possible civ is almost done. Any thoughts? :smiley:

Malays are actually the one who would need a new campaign and wonder. Their current wonder is the Kalasan temple from central Java and their campaign follows Gajah Mada, “prime minister” of the Majapahit Empire as he turns it into an actual empire. That’s why I mentioned earlier in this thread that it would probably turn out the same way as it did for Prithviraj, which went from an Indian campaign to a Gurjara one.
If Malays and Javanese were to be split apart, I think the Malays would be the ones to receive a new campaign focusing on the Srivijaya Empire.

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Honestly, I don’t really think campaign potential is necessarily the hardest part of justifying a civ. You can make campaigns out of a long list of important moments, or sometimes a completely fictional moment. Just a brief Google into any of the civ suggestions from anywhere can give you enough material for a campaign, really.

I’d say the same for Wonders - for some it’s a given, for some it’s… the Mongol Tent? The Arch of Constantine for the Huns? You can make any notable building into a Wonder, really.


Yeah these things are no problem. We already have UU’s, Wonders, leader names, campaign stuff etc for most of them and it’s not like the game doesn’t fill in the blanks when needed.

The only serious thing to consider is how to make the new civs unique in the game, regardless of where they come from.

That’s what I am talking about. UU, Wonders, etc.

I think @SoleFrog1297715 was talking about mechanics. Boni, UT, UU more for how it works than what it looks like and how it’s named, etc.


Yes, that’s what I meant. The tech tree, bonuses and playstyle are the essentials. A new mechanic would be ideal, but without the civ rotating around it. The historical flavor is the least of it; it at most helps to define the identity of the civ , and it is easy to find.


Honestly, that’s kinda just up to the game designers. If you can make LotW and DotD civs feel distinct and unique (which they are, even if you removed ‘the button’ UTs in my personal opinion), you can do so for any region in the game - see Indian DLC.

And with African DLC specifically, perhaps they’re less focused on cavalry anyway so there’s more options available there?


Actually, of the possible African civs, only three are truly without cavalry:
→ Shona. Infantry, archers and defenses
→ Kongo. Infantry, archers, monks and gunpowder
→ Benin. Infantry, archers, gunpowder and ships

The others are more normal, with Somalis being the most flexible:
→ Nubians. Archers, infantry, cavalry, monks and siege
→ Kanembu. Knights, camels, infantry, archers, gunpowder, ships and monks*
→ Somalis. Knights, infantry, camels, archers, gunpowder, monks and ships

But yes, there is more room to explore eagles-like unit bonuses for civs without horses


If anything I think Kanembu are a bit more fittimg for a monk civ

Why? As far as I know Kanem has never tried to convert anyone. At least that’s what I had in mind with a monk civ

The Kanembu did multiple yihads, were considered a center of Islamic knowledge in western Africa, created institutions to facilitate pilgrimages and destroyed an old pagan “relic” that existed in the Kanembu capital of Njimi to spread the Islamic faith.

I dont remember any instance in which either wikipedia or the papers I have read that they converted anyone, but I think its pretty easy to imagine that they did

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I got it. Thx I’ll edit there

What about the Swahili? Someone mentioned they lived too far south to have cavalry because of tsetse flies…

I already mentioned it somewhere (can’t remember where) but the more fitting faction in all of Africa for a monk civ would be the Igbo. They built the Nri kingdom, a hereditary theocracy with the reputation of only having expended through religious conversion rather than war.
The problem is, I’m not sure they have anything to offer gameplay-wise aside from op monks.

This civ if anything will be a naval civ, however, I doubt that it will be included (or should). I don’t see any particular kingdom that they might fit in in the timeframe.

Same with Swahili (only the opposite).

The question was wether or not they should have any access to cavalry, as it was the ongoing conversation. I know they should have a strong inclination toward navy and trade, but that was not the question.
As for kingdoms in the timeframe, Kilwa was probably the most powerful but I can also mention Mombasa and Zanzibar.

An African DLC sounds way more exciting. There’s so few African civs and more East Asian ones would probably just lead to more bloating of the already very well filled East Asian set.

There’s just 2 civs in Africa and lots of empire missing there.


I agree that Africa at the moment has the least representation, but East-SE Asia is far from being well filled, I can name at least several important civs in that region that don’t have any representation in game right now. The only region that can be categorized as “well-filled” or “saturated” is Europe.