Ambient Sounds Aren't Working

Game Version:

  • Build 2.7.(etc) (Latest version where the bug still exists, it has been present since AoMEE 1.0)


Most Ambient Sounds no longer play from objects such as pigs, cows, oak trees, etc - yet others (such as the Lure, since it’s ambient sounds are controlled via it’s godpower file) despite playing in vanilla/the titans.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Start any random map or scenario with nearby forests (i.e Alfheim) and have the camera in view of the forests. Use “No AI” for best/cleanest results
  2. Turn off all music, and put game sounds to max
  3. Wait about 1 minute
  4. Exit, and do the same steps with Age of Mythology: The Titans (or even standard Vanilla AoM) {obviously AoM/TT doesn’t have No AI, but you will still be able to hear ambient sounds play)
  5. Compare the difference, AoMEE has no ambient sounds, yet the original does.