AMD Rx6900xt 96-100% Workload

I have a permanent graphics card load in the game between 96-100%. My 5800x runs at about 11% load.

Driver 21.10.4 is installed. Anyone have the same problem or a solution for it?

I have a 6800 and 5600X, and I’m in a similar boat as you. 6800 is close to 100% all the time, but the 5600X maybe gets up to 20%. The game is definitely GPU intensive, and although more optimized since the initial beta, there is still work to be done. Performance was actually worse prior to the 21.10.4 driver release. I believe MS has acknowledged a performance issue and is working on a code fix (unsure if it will come with a game update or another driver update).

For now I would say you’ll just need to wait.