Why aren’t American mercenaries (natives, American colonists or revolutionaries) added? I always understood that this role was played by native posts, but now we have maps with European houses; And why couldn’t we have American mercenaries now?
Possibly these can only be added in decks of American civilizations (native, Mexican and USA).
In addition, the difference in stats between a native and a mercenary is notable.


I’m currently planifying a small mod project in which I intend to add unique native mercenaries.


was just thinking about this the other day. I think that this could be a great native mercenary. Maybe under the name Pin Soldiers, Keetoowa Soldiers, or Red Path Soldiers. Maybe they could be a musketeer with some kind of war cry or charge ability or possibly promotions.

Plus some mayan hornet throwers
These events I think are much earlier than the game’s time frame and they have no reason to be mercenaries specifically but there are already plenty of units that have those issues. I just think it’d be really fun to have a grenadier unit that throws hornets nests and area damage with poison isn’t something a unit has ever done before (although it may need some fine tuning to be balanced.)

Maybe a unit to represent naties that fought with the Spanish against the Aztecs. Like a tlaxcalan slinger that’s a mercenary version of the otontin or huaraca.


The tlaxcalan warrior was the first I thought of actually. But it would only make sense to give him to the spanish unfortunately. Even Mexico maybe.


Pinkertons could be an interesting euro-american mercenary. Maybe like a spy type ranged unit with modifiers against vills. Maybe modifiers against outlaws too as something a little more unique. Their function as spies and hired muscle is pretty similar to a mercenary.


This is a great idea, they should be Age 4 mercs I think. Would be a really cool design. They should be a mix between a gunslinger outlaw (1.5 RoF) and an assassin/spy with a 5x bonus vs outlaws and maybe 2x vs villagers

I’d give them the same attack as a gunslinger in age 4 with folk heroes tech, and the same HP too.

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They might try to send a cease and desist like they did to Rockstar.

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