Americans Civ Flag Icon - possible to incorporate campaign/Revolution ones?

Hi guys,

Just a cosmetic question about the U.S. home city flag icon. Would it be possible to incorporate the icons from the Campaigns & the U.S. revolution Civ/Home City flags in-game for the Americans civilization? I believe different flags exist for the Americans home city as unlockables. Would there be a way to transfer this to gameplay? Another related idea I have is to change the flag depending on the age the player is in, with increased stars through the ages.


I would love this. I would also love my general’s flag to change to the state flag I choose on age up like it does with S. Carolina and California.

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They could be like the Explorer skins recently introduced in the latest patches, you choose them in your home city and they appear in the game


Customizable Flags is one of the features I have been pushing the hardest for. Most civilizations had different imagery to represent them during the game’s timeframe, so giving the players a choice would be a big improvement. This would also avoid the issue of misrepresentation that some players take issue with.

If being able to recognize a player’s civ at a glance is a concern, then keep the default flags in the Player Score display.

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Another reason why I thought of this: The age up mechanism of choosing individual states & the U.S. IRL practice of adding stars to the flag.

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