An Age of Empires video I made :)

I think you’ll find this amusing, and something to watch while we wait for news about the DE and beta


When AOE meets the AOM Titans xpack -> Summon a huge villager for killing your enemies.

Wicked XD

Well done ! Looking good !

LOL nice, sorry just saw this now XD

Jajajaja! I need more of this!

Nicely done.

I think we need David to beat this giant, or just someone who’s really good with a sling.

The great thing about turtle pack is that it’s very easy to extract the animations. The time consuming part is animating the animations! Took me 4 hours to make that video, you have to record the scene in AoE and delete stuff (the easier way) or else get some static screens and animate every unit. Screen movement would make thing even harder with more waypoints to make sure they all end up in the same place when the screen stops moving :slight_smile:

And actually, sound editing is half the battle. Sound immersion is half of all movies and video after all XD