An appeal from the FFA community

You did say some players ragequit once they find out you play with a mod that disables feitoria. And it seems that enforcing no feitoria/Malay fish ect rules doesn’t work either. Are FFA players against those the majority? At this rate I feel like even if there was an official update that would disable all the ways to get infinite res in FFA there would still be problems with the players…

It would be nice to know in general how many people do still play FFA/Diplo or would play it if it was still the same as it was before - and how many of those people came from playing AoC, I play diplo a lot when I can find populated lobbies, most of the people that play it I have seen repeatedly in different matches so it is definitely a pretty low number of regulars, but I do see people I don’t recognize pretty often too

With diplo I’m not sure if it’s just balance problems or because it doesn’t get the same coverage from streamers so new people are less likely to want to try it? I think a lot of people come to the game because they see a stream or youtube video, I bought DE because of youtube, I didn’t even know HD had been released before that or I would have bought it too (never really kept up with any forums or news on the game and had stopped playing AoC around 2005-2006 assumed it was dead actually)

I can’t speak with any certainty about FFA as I said because I do not play it very often at all(and never did before) but that might also contribute to the smaller player base there in some capacity

edit - I think it would be more likely for balance problems to be corrected if there were a substantial number of people that indicated they would play the modes without the problems they currently have - if it is just the current player base I’m not sure if there are enough of us for them to even care

In my experience, the few players who ragequit (or demand playing Portuguese to begin with) do so the instant they realize their easy mode loophole doesn’t work.
These are the equivalent of people who only picked Cumans when Cumans were OP, except this one never got patched out.

The FFA players against eternal res, and more specifically Feitoria are definitely in the majority from my experience. There is a reason why most of them have given up on the game by now.
If the FFA/Diplo community is to ever regrow, or regain its lost audience Feitoria would have to be the first thing to go, as that is to many seen as the catalyst of its decline.

Giving Portuguese something like +2 range on hand cannons, and an early game eco bonus might make them more competitive 1v1 as well.

That would be nice, but I’m not sure how you’d get the people who have already quit the game to contribute to such a pole on a relatively obscure website.
I could contact a few that I still have regular contact with, but for most who quit the game due to these issues, they won’t be active on this forum.

I don’t understand, why is the majority giving up if making the minority that “cheats” ragequit is so easy.

I guess the best solution would be to just disable feitorias if the “free for all” option is selected. Portuguese would still be picked because they do save a lot of gold still.

Portuguese would barely be picked under those circumstances, but having a FFA option that disables Feitoria, and may even give all civs basic cannon galleons, would help somewhat.

Regarding the people who quit. Do you really think AOE2 would still be as popular if Cumans never got patched? Because that’s pretty much happened to FFA.

There are problems with elite cannon galleons too?

Well Cuman affected the whole game. And the matchmaking prevented you from banning Cuman, the best you could do would be to pick Saracen or mirror.
On the other hand, people could ban Cuman in their lobbies just fine. Just like they would ban Teuton like they did back in the AoK days. It probs wouldn’t have been viable long term too, but I would assume people who prefer FFA are ready to follow a set of rules to make the game mode fun for everyone else.

Cannon galleons are a side mention from earlier. Civs that don’t get basic cannon galleons can’t deal with island fortresses at all.
As someone who adores my island fortresses I have to say that’s not fair to those civs. Not as big of an issue, as you can avoid selecting those civs, but still worth mentioning.

Not elite cannon galleon, Aztecs, Huns, Incas, Mayans and Cumans can’t make any cannon galleons at all

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Some are and some are not. If you want new players to play the game mode you can’t rely on that though.