An easy ways to nerf seige. Slow reload times

Just give them an abysmal reload time. Like 5 seconds (or even more) to fire again. So they can still do a lot of damage, but have slow reload time. That way melee units can get in close and kill them. While at the same time seige can still do a lot of damage.

Edit: And undo mangonel nerf.


And pop increase. Its my opinion.

Nah. If they need to be nerfed even more. Make take 10 seconds to fire again. That way, they only anti buliding for the most part.

And I can tell you what this achieves. Constant keep pushes. Its already like the especially in team games where ppl spam keeps because you cant move siege around the map to take keeps down cuz they too slow now for it

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After that mangonel nerf I think its time to stop pushing for even more siege nerfs.
If things continue on that route it will make the meta much worse instead of improving it.

Perhaps undo the nerf that happened to them?

Even before the mangonel nerf, siege was already nerfed several times. Its just a matter of knowing how to deal with them now.
They are already much slower and less tanky than before and it can be easily killed by cav.

In boomfast games where people make lots of trade carts on choke control point maps they become ridiculously powerful.

They are powerful yes. But its the maps that are the issue not the siege itself. One can even argue siege is what keeps these maps playable.
Nerf siege too much and these maps will become a walling feast and a race of who can build a wonder first.

Simply turn it off wonder victory then. Problem solved.

Ram nerf for the love of g-d … if you’re just hiting castle and your teammate is rolling with 8 rams, there’s a problem. In addition, at least make it PLAUSIBLE. Building a ram was a labor-intensive task. It should REQUIRE 8 military to progress and should take longer than spawning a horse.

To be fair, the average length of gestation for a horse is eleven and a half months.

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Omg AOE: Real life mode. 6 months to conduct a siege.