An Idea for a Lombard Rework

So, we all know that the lombard is a controversial unique building, some believe that it’s good, some believe that it’s terrible, some believe that it’s about fine, but almost all discussions revolves around its economic side, without much regard for the military side.

Now, on the military side, the lombard is basically a tavern, with no differences except that you can build 5 of them (but you can ship 3 tavern from the HC, sooo…). For this reason, I would like to see the lombard being a bit more useful in that regard, combining something similar to the italians companies and at the same time slightly buffing the papal units at the basilica.

The idea revolves around the mercenary condottieri that the Italians city states used, so in a similar way to the asian consulate, inside the lombards you could choose a condotta (or contractor) and behind a payment get access to certain outlaws and mercenaries regardless of the map.

There are 4 contractors which you can choose from, and a special option which is the holy league. Each of these have different uses, strengths and cost. Choosing a contractor takes 15 seconds, and disbanding such contract takes another 45 seconds (like a consulate). Choosing the holy league improves the basilica shipments, locking the possibilities at the lombards.

Balkan Condotta (or Contractor):

  • Schiavone
  • Crabat
  • Stradiot
    Cost 300 of each resource.

Italian Condotta:

  • Inquisitor
  • Elmetto
  • Lil Bombard
    Cost 500 of each resource.

German Condotta:

  • Swiss Pikeman
  • Giant Granadier
  • Black Rider
    Cost 500 of each resource.

French Condotta:

  • Fusilier
  • Armored Pistoleer
  • Napoleonic Gun
    Cost 750 of each resource.

Holy League:

  • You can’t train any mercenary at the lombards, but the papal shipments arrive 5% faster for each lombard.
    Cost 1000 of each resource.

Unaffiliated Mercenaries:

  • Mounted Rifleman
  • Royal Horseman

NOTE 1: with such meccanics, the Italians cannot access to the standard outlaws and mercenaries of the map with the lombards, but they can still access to those through the taverns obtained through the trattoria card.

NOTE 2: the mounted riflemen and the royal horsemen obtained through the age up are still available despite any contract you choose, but are too locked if you choose the holy league (the same applies to the taverns shipped through the HC).

I also have some ideas for improving the economic side of the lombard that I’ll reserve for later on…


Some other changes for lombard rework:

Mercenary Contractor (Age II to III):

  • Now also ships 1 lombard wagon (2 with AP instead of 1 mounted rifleman).

Papal Arsenal (Age IV):

  • Decrease the shipping time of the Basilica units by 10% and give them charge abilities.

Advanced Lombards:

  • Moved to age IV
  • Lombards exchange resources 100% faster, and train units 10% faster.


  • Moved to age III
  • Effect changed into lombards generates 0.5 gold/sec for each resource exchanged.
  • It doesn’t increase the value of the investments anymore.
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it is ok to just decrease the xp trickle of lombard, and enhance the Usury shipment

I wouldn’t touch the xp trickle, as it has already being nerfed the xp needed by Italy for requiring a shipment.


However, Italians still have the richest early game, a really fast FF, and a powerful SFF. maybe we can nerf the building buff of Uffizi? i’m not sure.

Mmm true…

I’m not sure about the change to the usury card, but it’s also true that Italy lack a factory.

With 0.5 gold generation for each resource invested and 5 lombards equals to a factory with steam power already researched, but it’s also limited to gold and to have resources invested.

What do you mean?

Condoterri as a name shouldnt be used much, they already pretty much dissapeared at the start of AoE III as the use of gunpowder became more widespread.

Also the use of these mercenary companies (in the Italian sense of condoterri) were more so medieval then AoE III timeframe.

Idea of buffing Lombards military wise isnt that bad though

The condottieri saw its peak during the 1500, but condottieri and mercenary companies in general were used well into the XV and XVI centuries.

Also, the name condottieri is even mentioned into the description of the papal lancer, so I think it’s fine, since it’s still related to a time period included into the game.

Italy military needs to be buffed a bit, since it’s flexible, but no unit really shines.