An Idea how to improve matchmaking for TGs

One of the problems for me right now is that TGs in matchmaking are often very imbalanced, very often you either face extremly stacked teams or get complete beginners, therefore it’s quite common that you either gain very few points or lose very few points, if not even 0 points, which is actually happening quite often for me.
The idea to solve this issue: just set a maximum range for possible elo loss/gain, since the gain loss is already fixed once the players are matched. In my opinion the possible gain should be at least 5 points for every player, else you can’t match and still have to stay in the queue. There also shouldnt be a time limit for the queue if this change is applied. It’s usually better for everyone to wait more for a fair game, than to either waste time with an easy win or get frustrated by a fast and hard loss vs way superior players over and over again.


My theory is that the games where you win/lose ‘0’ points is likely with a new player or one that is still in their 10 initial games period to their ranking being set. From that standpoint, it makes sense to me. If someone happens to get a string of new players in a row, their rating should really not jump up from it. This is one of the reasons why the starting Elos (1600) are so volatile on HD and Voobly and a fix for that in the ranked queue is refreshing.

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I’m not demanding that anyone should get elo by farming new players, i simply demand that i’m not matched with them, because the games are simply a complete waste of time for both, the experienced 18+ voobly players and the complete new players. Both lose and gain 0 ELO and only get frustrated/bored for no reason.

They have to get matches with someone at the beginning. The more games you play and the more ratings get settled, the less it should happen over time.

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