An ode to Return of Rome

To me also, in fact I like more the antiquity than the repetitive medieval age…

That’s true…

How great…

excellent, that’s a great find. The source code of GenieEdit is free. adrian/GenieEdit: Download latest: (Tested with Mono 4.5) - GenieEdit - Adi Git

The developers could integrate a tool like that in the game and automatically convert any AoE1 campaign to AoE 2 DE Return of Rome once the user puts them in the corresponding folder or convert them with a button.

There are thousands of campaigns and some of them contain the best scenarios I’ve ever played in a RTS. Something I explained in the thread below:

Looking for my favourite campaign scenario ever in a RTS. You start with a monk and must recover an artifact. Sounds familiar? - Age of Empires Forums (

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To be honest, it’s only repetitive because pop culture just focuses in the same topics from the medieval ages over and over.

But even rhat problem is still present for the Ancient Age, that’s why I applaud ROR for giving us a campaign for Sargon, since that period is not really that commonly depicted in pop culture


The potential for ROR is great. But first a spear-line military unit is needed. Also more skins for heroes for a start for all the in-game ones. And also kings and queens. In addition to Iron Age upgrades to camels, slingers, axemen (Bronze Age) and also Chariot Archers.


Academy units have spears and while they dont have a specific bonus against cav, they are good and resource efficient against them.

In tool age you can use axeman that now has a bonus against cav.

Camels, slingers are roles that probably needs their update.

Chariot archers are oudated by cav archers


Of course, whenever they talk about the Middle Ages they are about the Crusades or 100 Years War and if they talk about antiquity it is Egypt, Greece (Trojan War and Alexander the Great) and Rome (the entire Roman Empire)…at least with Sargon I can use the memes from the bronze age that came out now…

Sigma Sargon >Appears >Conquer Sumer as a barbarian >Establish Akkad >Be the first one to conquer its neighbors >Make the worlds first empire >Have a legacy that lasts for 1000+ years

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Academy units are elites. What I am saying is spearmen but lighter ones with slight bonus against cavalry and chariots, but Academy units should be slow but tough to all others less archers and skirmishers.

I hope so. There are tons of great campaigns and scenarios on the AoE Heaven website for both the classic game and the Definitive Edition.

Good point, I never heard of the Cumans before Kotyan Khan’s campaign, for example. Medieval Italy, Eastern Europe and Africa are also almost never explored.

Sargon’s Campaign is great, an epic story about a man inebriated on power to the point where he begins to see himself as a god! We already have a shortage of East Asian campaigns, and the only one we had has been removed from the next update. Hope they add it eventually and one for Lac Viet.

Now that the Axeman has bonus damage against Cavalry, I think the devs should focus on creating Bronze Age upgrades for Tool Age units, as you say next.

Man, that would be wild! I hope every hero in the Trojan War scenario in the Greek Campaign has unique skins!

Imagine a Pharaoh and Roman Emperor units… :heart_eyes:

Some civs have access to Chariot Archers but not Cavalry Archers, so it’s actually a good idea to have an upgrade for them!

Precisely! And when they talk about Egypt, it’s either the Exodus story or Cleopatra lol. I want a movie or TV show about the Egypt of Thutmose III, the struggle between the Babylonians, Egyptians and Elamites with the Assyrian Empire and so on.

I stumbled upon these memes these days lol. Unexpected, but a welcome one!


Of course, they choose the most emblematic moments, but leave room for others that are also interesting…

Yes, they just appeared and they are very good…

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A spear-line unit is badly needed. Not Hoplite line for everyone.