An open letter of aestethics and visuals

the majority of people who voted, which were 300

I feel like the willingness to pay for skins might have been removed since AoE3 has been getting them for free.

I also hope they won’t do this, as it would put free visual mods on shaky ground


If the aesthetic changes are accompanied by such a DLC, it might be able to attract people to buy it so the development costs could be covered.

Return of Dracula

  • 1 new civilization: the Vlachs.
  • Slavs renamed to Rus.
  • 3.5 new campaigns: Vlachs ( Vlad Dracula), Turks, Magyars, Rus.
  • Priced at maybe $7.99 or $8.99.

Civilizations will receive accompanying architecture sets updates. Ideally, I personally like each set to be shared by 2 or 3 civs as much as possible. Each civilization will have a unique castle.

  1. Western Europe A (Albion): Britons, Celts.
  2. Western Europe B (Gaul): Franks, Burgundians.
  3. Central Europe (Germanic): Teutons, Bohemians.
  4. Eastern Europe A (Catholic): Magyars, Poles, Lithuanians.
  5. Eastern Europe B (Orthodox): Rus, Vlachs.
  6. Northern Europe (Scandinavia): Goths, Vikings.
  7. Southern Europe A (Iberia): Spanish, Portuguese.
  8. Southern Europe B (Apennines): Italians, Sicilians, Romans.
  9. Southern Europe C (Byzantium): Byzantines, Bulgarians.
  10. Southern Europe D (Caucasus): Armenians, Georgians.
  11. Western Asia: Berbers, Saracens, Turks.
  12. Central Asia: Tatars, Persians, Hindustanis.
  13. South Asia: Bengalis, Dravidians, Gurjaras.
  14. Nomad: Cumans, Huns, Mongols.
  15. East Asia A: Japanese, Korean.
  16. East Asia B: Chinese, Vietnamese.
  17. Southeast Asia: Khmer, Burmese, Malay.
  18. Africa: Ethiopians, Malians.
  19. New world: Aztec, Maya, Inca.

Agreed sans the Regional unit looks, changes in unit appearances usually coincides with stat differences and this confuses that. What I think would be better and improve the gameplay in a truly direct way is unique Skins for the Elite and non-Elite Units, so you can tell that at a glance, or even making it so that Blacksmith upgrades appear on units.


Then why not university upgrades as well? Want 10 icons near each unit or just each squad?

I think having a silver or gold crown in the unit UI representing the UT that affects them is a good idea. It would really help with visibility and taking good fights, especially with techs like Royal Heirs that have invisible effects that massively swing fights.

I mean like this

It’s a mod for AOM EE that changes the model of a unit based on what blacksmith upgrades it has which are 3 degrees of Attack, Melee Armor and Pierce Armor (The latter two are seperate from each other in AOM unlike AOE2)

And you can really use all this diversity, effectively distinguish the colors of these ants and use tactics based on this?

Yes? I can say look at the shape of the shield and go (Oh they have this tier of upgrade) and know that Human unit alongside all the other human units (Archer/Melee share the same upgrades) have that tier of Pierce upgrade, maybe get a higher resolution? Assuming you’ve actually played AOM that is

Aoe2 uses sprites not 3d models like aom.So each upgrade will need a new set of sprites which would be way more than having different looking units for each civilization.


I think that Slavs civ (Ruthenians) could use the Byzantine Architecture Set, because their medieval architecture was dominated by Byzantine influences. Then we would have Bulgarians, Byzantines, Ruthenians and Serbs in the Byzantine / or Orthodox Architecture Set.

Their architecture, after all, fits Eastern European best. The areas inhabited by the Romanian Saxons have a strong German influence, but the Eastern European Architecture Set is the most immersive for Romanians in general.

lovely concept. I would like that too :slight_smile:

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The problem is that in Rus’ it was bad with stone mining, so the architecture remained wooden for a long time. And even when stone buildings appeared, they did not look Byzantine at all.

Rus architecture


Devs arent adding so many architecture sets in a single DLC.

Particularly not in a cheap one


They don’t even offer it in expensive ones :roll_eyes:


I mean, the sets are not parts of the DLC. They come and get updated at the same time the DLC releases.

$7.99 or $8.99, but only 1 new civ and 3 new campaigns. I guess it is relatively expensive, comparing with the existing DLCs. The accompanying DLC can be a bit expensive for its contents so that it can cover the development costs.

It always better have distinguished Castle skins.

And change the architecture set so they will fit with historical accuracy too. I don’t mind whether it’s overcrowded or too few, except Mediterranean which is basically “Khmer architecture for Vietnamese” for 2 civs.

Yes, I hope the devs see the outcry over the Armenians and Georgians having the Mediterranean set and decide to fix it. Otherwise, I’ll just make a mod myself with help from other people.


What are your thoughts about the existing set matching the Caucasus civs the best? I’d rather see the Mediterranean then the Eastern European set…