An opinion of a Chinese player about the possibility of the Jurchens and the Tibetans

But where is the evidence concerning AoE2?

Another positive case confirmed, no matter what it is. No matter how people say about the Chinese gov., one thing they all make us to infer is that the Jurchens and Tibetans are NOT forbidden to be added in the game, if the devs were to decide to make them.


I personally think having Khitans is like having the Burgundians. The Khitans can be represented as the Mongols enough as they were a sort of Mongolic tribes (a.k.a. Para-Mongolics). So, I don’t want to say that we need the Khitans.

Tbh they were far more important than Burgundians at least


Well, for starters, the Chinese government censors many games that represent Tibet as an independent country, or for showing China as politically divided during the warlord era between the revolution and the establishment of the PRC.

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Any examples? Not that I’m doubting what you say, I would just lke to know the specifics.

I get that this specific context you’re mentioning is touchy for the Chinese government, but it’s well outside the timeframe of AoE2.

Hearts of Iron from Paradox notably is not available in China (through official channels; I’m sure people pirate it). Europa Universalis was tolerated for a while but got taken down around 2018 I believe.

Here’s an article from when Hearts of Iron 1 got banned way back in 2004; I imagine similar thinking applies today.


I think that the problems with China are more about modern representation of Tibet and Manchuria. I think medieval representation may be fine


They could be used for the Kara Khitai not just in China proper.

More asian civs? Where do I sign up?

Damn, I just realized it was a year old thread, erm… :rofl:


I think East Asia could use more than one DLC tbh. Maybe for starters give the remaining civs that were actual chinese dinasties (Jurchens, Khitans and Tanguts) an expansion and other expansion(s) for other related civs.