An Oprion for hilighting fish/others

So, managing fishing boats could be a pain, specialty clicking on whales. Any chance for update/mod to highlight the fish and whales color ring when pressing a key? Let me elaborate.

• Lets say you can press and hold the ALT key and you can see the fish and whales color ring so you can have an easy click on them for gathering.
• Maybe the alt key can also be used to show (visually display a white line on the ground) that shows the gathering points or SHIFT waypoints of selected units or buildings. This will be usefull for fishing boars and docks. Also, could be useful to units as a rally poin not only a certain place on the ground. So new batches of units can eventually reach the front/main army and not go and die as a free kill to the enemy units.
• Also, the hold ALT key could be use to display what is your particular building/unit training at the moment. I think that could be useful to.

What I’m trying to say is. Could this idea of a Hold KEY be implemented as an update or a mod for having a “alternative” view of Gaia unit color rings, selected army way path and additional visual info as buildings training/researching process?

PD. WHY haven’t Div add more battle formations to ground units like in AOEII!? I mean like really useful formations like split, guard or follow?