An unit with second chance

In kingdom hearts, sora has one ability that allows him to avoid being overkilled by big impacts, or by fast combos of weak attacks. He survives with one hp. After that, an impact outside of that combos would kill him. I think that there is something similar in Pokemon to resist one hit killers or combo killers.

I think that an unit with an ability like that would be a nice soft counter against massed archers. You can not overkill the units with just one barrage of arrows, as it survives one combo of attacks with one hp. Another arrow outside the combo would kill it. Against this unit, it would be better to leave their archers on their own.

I wouldn’t make an unit resistant to strong attacks, like onagers. In that case, the unit would need a second impact after being reduced to one hp by the onager. This would be a big annoiance against onagers.

What do you think? Do this abilities make sense for an unit, or not?

That would suck, mass onager is the most fun army composition in AoE II.

i think it could work for a future civ, and maybe for like a UU archer, making them surive with 1 hp, regardless of overkill damage

What would be the use of this in game?

Sounds totally unfitting for aoe and makes no sense from a gameplay perspective in my opinion. Maybe for a scenario hero unit but not a Uu or even generic units


Outside of preventing a one-shot from an onager, such mecanic isn’t fitted for Aoe2. Surviving at 1 HP is good in 1v1 duels since it gives the opportunity to turn the tables around, but in a 50 vs 50 where attacks fly left and right, surviving a shot means nothing if the next one comes 0.5 seconds after.

It sounds like a good idea but I don’t think the game takes a group of archer as a single combo unit
All the matchups, damage and bonuses (as far as I understand the game) are single units against single units

Yeah bring more stupid and weird stuff to the game, what do you want more? I suggest to give the Chinese/Koreans/Japs Dragons as UU in their stables, and bring Ghouls as wild animals on the maps it would be fun

The second chance unit already exists… The konnik, and its mechanic fits better with AoE than a 1HP imo.
Maybe, looking for a positive angle to your suggestion, it could be a UU or a UT that affects an specific unit which let your fallen unit lay down on ground, out of combat, but if you health it with a monk befofe a certain time it revives with half HP. If you get late, unit die.

To die on the second onager shot…