An way to fix Goths and laming

I think collection rate from two types of huntables should be different just like fishes. Villagers should collect 10% faster from Boars than deers. The boar hunters can be renamed “Poachers” to minimize confusion.

Now Mongols would get 40% faster collection rate for both Hunters and Poachers. On the other hand Goths would have 50% faster Poachers(boar hunters only) instead of extra carry capacity. Their extra attack should be kept.

This will definitely result in more frequent laming. To fix this the pathfinding should be changed to the HD where you could block boars easily,and could also block enemy scout and villagers. Also boar attack bonus vs scout should be increased to 10 from 4. In that case the laming scout will have very low HP or even might die if it get the hit from boar.

Hopefully this will fix the frequent laming in DE and will make laming a very risky move but very big outcome. Also laming should not be banned completely in competitive tournaments.