Analyses of the ratings - Spotting the issues

Then they just alt F4 5-10 1v1 to pass the test. As result their 1v1 rating is pretty low, so they even start with a lower TG rating. So i dont really think that would be the solution.

alt+f4 = a strike. 3 strikes you get banned for 72 hours. 5 strikes 1 week, 10 strikes account is deleted. Problem solved.

How do you tell the difference between an Alt+F4 (or other destructive act) and a game crash?

a crash could send a file report to the devs showing what went wrong, like Pubg does and many other software out there. it’s takes like a second to send it. Just an idea.

totally! can’t see why a crash report feature wouldn’t be included in future patches.

honestly i’m starting to be of the opinion that team elo should just be removed or downgraded to a sort of hidden stat. 1v1 score should be all that matters for matchmaking purposes.

this would also solve most of the games where lower skilled players get matched with legit (no smurfs) higher skill ones - i’m at around 2100 team elo, which seems to be not that far from average, and i face opponents whose 1v1 elo differ 300 points from mine. it’s a huge skill difference at this level and we all know how that is going to end.

Premade team is what need to be nerfed ASAP. The issue you mentioned will only happen when you are gonna against a premade team.
In your example, I don’t think the player with 1800 elo can beat a premade team with three 1100 elo players. Is there anyway to deal with 2-man drush and 3 sc during the first 5min ?

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you should still be able to play with your friends. at the end of the day it’s supposed to be fun, no?


that doesn’t make much sense man. Even playing with random players you can still attack or get attacked by the whole team at once. just gotta type in chat “attack player #” and if someone is vietnamese even better lol, you’ll have to deal with the scouts before you build your mill.

Premade team can use discord, they usually have better teamwork and less likely to resign early.
I rarely see any communication in the games with lower than 2k elo when I was solo playing

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I do not think this is a good idea either. For example I played my last 1v1 game a while ago and I am playing few team games almost every day. So my 1v1 elo no longer represents my level and if they do not take my team game results into account, then matchmaking will not make too much sense. Doing it random would be just same.

A simple solution would be to just distribute the ELO within a team proportionally to skill. Described it in detail here.

Team game ratings are broken since release. That is already almost 2 years ago. In the mean time the devs have tried one fix some months ago. But that fix hadnt the result they hoped for. It even resulted in a new smurfing issue on the ladder.

It is really, really, really time for the devs to fix this issue. To me it makes no sense that the devs are ignoring this issue since the release of the game.

This is clearly not the only one about this issue. This thread is already posted in 70+ other threads about this subject as well. And i am pretty sure there are even more threads about the bad spot of the team game ladder, in which people didnt refer to this thread. So i think it is pretty fair to say that these issues also arised in hunderds of other threads as well.

It is espacially sad they don’t read because we already have a ready to use solution …

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They really need to fix all the issues with elo, especially team elo. As far as i am concerned, i am not playing team games anymore until they do because I am tired of all the smurfs

Yeah, multiple good solutions are already posted in this thread. The devs just have to pick one and implement this into the game. That shouldnt be too hard… But for some reason it already takes months and months…

The bad ratings are for me the reason to just not play TGs atm.

the solution of starcraft2 with separated MMR for EVERY premade, seems plausible for microsoft, I mean, it is just an INT number in the data base, and is not like microsoft can’t store that data.

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yeah been recommended so many times… but who knows if it will ever happen…

the issue here though is the player base is significantly smaller than SC2, so the initial matches with each pairing might take longer to get out of the low elo zone, so you might have quite a lot more noob squashing matches initially… and trolls can bypass it anyway, by creating a new account, pairing with their 3 top level players and doing it all over again, by creating a new account, pairing with their 3 top level players and doing it all over again, you get the point

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Thats not a solution, that would be the next exploit. Better to prevent any premades from going into ranked. Wanna play with friends? Go to unranked.

it works well in most games. you are just saying nonsense now.