Analyses of the ratings - Spotting the issues

idk why they’re still using this archaic elo system when it takes 500 games to place people where they belong and still fails even after people have played thousands of games

half my games now involve some exploiters bringing along a smurf with 85-100% winrate

anyone who has played aoe2 would know that the community is full of toxic players who do not respect the concept of fair play. but the developers chose to cater to them instead of catering to the legitimate players who just stick to 1 account without abusing the system

it’s a shame how poorly the game is managed.

the last rating patch just made the problem worse.
the map script updates usually make the maps worse.
the settings updates (eg. forcing position-picking on every map, letting people see the map before picking their civ) kill most of the strategy/variety in the game and create so many balance issues.
and the balance patches usually make teamgames worse because they’re just knee-jerk reactions to complaints from 1v1 players.

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Honestly I don’t know why and will never understand people that can’t just stick to one account. Do they do it because they want to make themselves look like the best with a 92 percent wine rate with their new account? As for me I don’t care about that, what I do care about though is an honest, fair, and balanced game, but for the past 2 years since this games been released we haven’t gotten that. Plus I’m sick of being told to “get good” when there’s an obvious problem with the rating system, and joining a clan is a whole other toxic hell so that’s also out for me cause again my win to lose ratio has me be well ratioed, to the point where the higher member elo players within the clan don’t even play with the low elo players out of fear of “losing their own elo” which in the end makes the clan function utterly pointless.

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Just tagging some random dev accounts in the hope they will have a look at this issue. TG ratings are in need of a quick fix. They are broken since the release of AoE II DE. They still havent fixed it. I really hope this will get a really high priority. Otherwise the devs are killing the TG ladder. This thread is already full of solutions. So they can just pick the best one in their opinion and implement it into the game.

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Spamming dev account is against our terms of service. We are always watching the forums. If you need immediate assistance please create a support ticket at

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This has been shown to be true several times

And I feel a bit bad for you having to read a lot of no-so-productive threads


can sb explain to me how this is even possible? 2x 4k ratings with 2.2k and sb with -5 rating. How the ■■■■ is it even possible to get a negative rating?

At this point i can only laugh about the smurf topic anymore. Everything else would make me sad.

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This is crazy. That team had 4k points of maximum difference.

There seriously needs to be a team limiter. So people like these can’t form a team unless there is only a maximum difference of 100 points or so.

Yeah, this is broken…
INtentionally lose team games to get negative elo … wtf!

We finally need the correct tg elo calc proposed by @Mercy9545 in this thread.

You can’t just average elo in TGs, Elo is a logarithmic projection of the skill of the players. The correct Team elo is the exponential average, not the arithmetic average.

If this is applied players with that low elo have basically no impact in the team elo and therefore smurfing wouldn’t help to gain team elo as much and not worth the effort.


I am shocked that it is even possible to get a negative rating…and he didn’t even play this many games…

Nah you can write it as often as you want…people still want no teamlimiter because they won’t be able to play with their friends anymore :^)

btw 1 game later i ran into another smurf team. This game is really fun right now.

Really no clue why they would not punish this obvious smurfing. This guy played like a ~3k rating and had -5 rating…like for real?

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That is point trading and ladder manipulation, that isn’t only smurfing, such behavior should be banned, they are ruining others experiences, but well the devs say “they read forums” but yet no action has been taken, banning or removing those accounts would have reduced such behavior several months ago.

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Yeah fully agree. I would ban everyone from them for at least a week and if they repeat it ban them for good.

I could also care less if it’s vivi, lyx or somebody else. They shouldn’t stand above the game and it’s (supposed) rules.

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i know I’m late but i have a brilliant idea lmao

How about blocking Family Shared accounts from playing Multiplayer? if that’s possible, it would take care of a lot of smurfs!( i know a guy who has 1 main account and 4 smurf accounts!) Sure some people would just buy the game a 2nd time but most wouldn’t do that.

And if someone actually uses Family Share with their family, well, too bad, buy the game for them lol

what about this player, how is he supposed to climb to the 3k4+ rating level he’s playing at? Just win thousands of team games in a row before the matchmaking places him correctly? In the end elo worked better before the fix lmao

I think many users want a clear statement from the dev teams about this issue. It is already asked many times in this thread and in other threads. Not sure if a support ticket is the way to go. Then i still only get the answer.

This might be a solution for smurfing, but not for the broken ladder. So it wont really fix the issue of this thread.

Since shows (aka …) this is probably a second account of a well known member of the community. So your example isnt really mainly about the broken rating system, but about smurfing.

He was a 2k3 player on voobly that couldn’t play on DE 'till now because he had a bad pc if I remember correctly

That is also a possiblity. A very good player who returns.

Still no newe about a fix for this issue?!

They couldn’t fix dodging, they only created new issues, at this point what that quality of their work, i’d rather to keep the ranking system as we have it now, before they make it worse.

The current dev team will probably ban map dodgers first rather than the guys smurfing/manipulating the ladder and bashing low elo players cause in their mind those guys are the real problem, they probably think that once they get rid of dodgers the ranks will settle down :rofl:

Has something changed with the way mm selects opponents recently? Feels as if I’ve been getting more bad matchups than is typical or is it just a the slow degeneration of poor design. Feelsbad

Lack of players, cause of the directive in charge pushing their players away by punishing them for rejecting the very same issues you are describing and because of the time preference, if there aren’t enough players around the same level it will pick anyone to fill the spots just to get a game going.

Also lots of new nicks(smurfs) to avoid the punishments.

Now going back to the subject, their fix several months ago changed the top from 3.4k players to 5k elo players, while the point distribution is now fair among players of the same level, they did not implement it properly and left an abusable exploit to skyrocket the ranks by playing low elo players.