Analyses of the ratings - Spotting the issues

The new DLC/patch probably doesnt include a fix for this issue? The thread already existed for about 2 year. The issue itself exists from the launch of the game and is still ignored by the devs…

So i made this thread about 2 years ago. The issue isnt fixed yet. It is still fully ignored. That makes me really disapponted into the devs. Why ignore such big issue for years? The team game ladder is broken since the release and the devs really dont care at all?!

It is kinda the same with the promised road map: They made some promises, but if they really have to do stuff, then they just dont do it. No road map, but also no fix for this issue. As result we have no idea if the devs at least are working on a new improved system to fix the current issue on the TG ladder.

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after the change (?) last year which lead to better elo changes after games (ie the sum of elo stays the same) loads of people had inflated elo and are now complaining about supposed ‘smurfs’ at their elo.

The way I see it there are no solutions which wouldn’t require a complete TG elo reset, and I think the dev-team might be unwilling to do this because loads of people seem to value their elo quite highly. especially since many people wouldnt be able to reach their (inflated) elo again after such a change i think this might be unpopular

I think a TG elo reset based on initial solo elo values could work.
And using the Correct calculation method proposed by @Mercy9545

I don’t say that solo elo and team elo are the same, but for most players the difference is probably less than +/- 200 elo which can be achieved by just playing some games.

I think this you got completely wrong. There are dozens of smurf accs to boost certain players elos. And they are even often pushed by intentionally going in TGs of low elo players to lose and “gain” negative elo. It’s absurd.
And yes this is only really “viable” because we use the wrong method to calc team elo - with mercys method smurf elo boosters would have basically no effect on boosting someones elo. Especially not the elo of the top guys.

dozens of smurf in 40k active accounts is still irrelevant

Not if they make thousands of games each…

This is a wrong assumption. After the change people start to make smurf accounts, so their average elo is lower, so they could play against less skilled players to boost the main account elo. Most of the current 4k+ elo account got to this level due to abusing the system this way…I am pretty sure about that one. That is for me the big flaw in the current system. It promotes using smurf accounts like this.

I do support a reset of the ladder after fixing the current issues on the TG ladder.

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