Ancient architecture eyecandy

I know this is always going to be far from the top of developers’ priorities, but some love for scenario creators would be great!
For example, some new eyecandy like a (non ruined) Greek/Roman temple, or a much bigger sized column you can see in the Colosseum, or these tiny temples you see in there too. The graphics already exist so perhaps it could be done without so much trouble?


They could add all the AoE1 buildings to the scenario editor.

I also think a really important thing to do, is also to rotate all the gaia statue objects, because it’s annoying only having them face left or right. I want to be able to have two rows of statues facing each other. I don’t care if one of them is facing backwards to the player. Also, did you get the picture off Alaric 4?

Yes, it’s a aoe2 wiki page about that Alaric campaign map! btw I agree about the statues. Time to show some love for scenario creators!

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