Ancient history needs a reboot

im not talking age of empires 1 definitive edition 2, no i’m talking about AoE5!
i know the devs are already working hard on AoE3 DE, AoE4, and hopefully AoMDE/2 and an AoE2 expansion, but if you ever played AoE, after AoE2, it’s very klunky, and not to mention, no civ specific wonders, some very inaccurate things, and legions are basically spartan, no matter what civ you play
i love AoE timeframe, but the AoE2 gameplay is way better
now the devs didn’t really do a bad job since, this is the first age of empires game, so it has a place in our hearts, but it can be massively improved.

some things to improve the game would be to have regional units instead of generic units, as technology was more isolated back then, they would also have several unique units, like if every civ was like AoE3 ottomans, having lots of UU’s, but also different factions have different tech trees so only some civs share units

another thing is that husbandry should be a technology to transition from chariots to horses

feel free to post civ concepts, and an identity to the faction they belong to

here is an example, i made this one quickly and is not a final product

Economic and religious civ
desert faction (with hyskos), has a focus on kopesh swordsmen, chariots, camels, and a bit of elephants
and the details go here

for the ages i suggest having
Tool Age
Agricultural age
Bronze Age (War/Violence Age)
and Iron Age (Advanced Age)

AoEIIDE expansion? I haven’t heard that.

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just speculation since alot of the community wants it