Animals need to wander less

Herding is of course one of the skills of the game. But at the moment animals’ movement is too arbitrary and random. Can spend time carefully herding to be near the town centre, but then next time you look they have wandered off to a dangerous position! It wasn’t as bad as this on legacy.


Yes, it happens too much, I think it’s on purpose, to encourage the raid and at the same time, the macro.

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Yeah that’s the best way to combat the japan eco. Get them when they are herding.

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I quite like it now tbh. Makes it more macro intensive, and allows you to pick off vills for bad herding. You also now have to leave behind a small portion of musks sometimes, instead of just right-clicking your opponent’s base.

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I think the animals should at least turn back to land when approaching the edge of map or the water, even if it has to face the hunters.

It’s kind of annoying that hunters interrupt gathering due to lack of space.


Yeah, the edge of the map gathering is annoying, can’t even herd back sometimes.

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It does make some herding frustrating, though I feel like its animal specific.

Giraffe on the Sudd map are a pain to herd