Animation Canceling Not fully fixed

A friend and I were testing stuff out after the patch, and we discovered that Relic didn’t fully fix animation canceling. Namely, that while scouts and lancers can’t animation cancel anymore, elephants still can. I know of two methods of animation canceling - one of them didn’t work, but the other still did (not sure if I’m allowed to specify how).

Basically Delhi S-tier now.

EDIT: Decided to add the mechanism. Animation cancel is still really easy with elephants, just right click move command right next to the elephant, and then press stop (s) immediately. Assuming the elephant is already next to its target, it will immediately attack the target overriding the attack cooldown.
The method that doesn’t work anymore is the attack-move method.

EDIT 2: Clip from Szalami providing video evidence: Twitch


Was here to post this, elephants were some of the worst offenders too, since 2 or 3 using animation cancel can take out a land mark in seconds.

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Yes, you are allowed to state the mechanism so Devs can confirm they’ve checked it. Also, having part of the player base know how and part of the player base not is objectively worse than everyone having the same knowledge. If bugs are going to be exploited, they should at least be exploited evenly.

I disagree about elephants being the worst offenders though. Yah, it’s very powerful on elephants, but the worst offenders by far were scouts being able to do stupid things at the very beginning of the game when you shouldn’t have to be worried about, say, your starting dock getting immediately torched down on a hybrid map, or the vill getting killed 90 seconds after the game starts before you’ve finished building it.


Thank you all for discussing this. The team is aware there is still work to do in this area. Appreciate the specifics @u60cf28.


Thank you for the swift response! I want to pass on my gratitude to the dev and balance team for their hard work


In case it helps, here’s a clip of szalami doing this on stream today (in a skirmish vs AI)