Anniversary Hotfix?

You think we be getting a hotfix for the anniversary update soonish?

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What’s broken? 20 charactee

4v4 late game Lag. And many other things. But lag is the main issue.


Haven’t had any issues yet

I dont think it will result in a hotfix. The devs probably cant found the issue quickly and it needs time to be fixed. I hope they found that issue quickly, so it will be fixed in the next patch. That would be my guess.

Play 4v4 teamgame, it will start to lag once everyone’s around imp with bigger number of population. most people receive the “red clock”


Next patch? that’s will at least take one month

Servers go down 24th for maintenance. Maybe a fix that day

Yeah, i think so. I hope i will be wrong.

They already said somewhere that the fps drop is being tracked.

yeah there is a huge issue with team games. they are broken right now (extreme lag as soon as you hit imperial). this NEEDS a hotfix.

Among other things that I have experienced are crashes right as we join a 4v4 ranked game, the game freezing if you are in the tech tree and join a game, the queue not tracking right if you are in party and look at the tech tree during quick play, disconnects in 4v4 team games, and as already mentioned massive lag at during the late game on 4v4 team games, (also sometimes significant lag right at the beginning of games that then dies down after a minute or 2).
And no I have not submitted a bug report for any of these yet, but I am just adding my voice to the choir that a hotfix would be nice, especially to fix issues that were introduced in the latest patch over those that have persisted for the last 6 months

I hope they will, but they have waited a month until the next regular patch in the past. So I think there’s unfortunately a pretty big chance they will do so again.
Also they need to find the problem and get an idea how to fix it before they can do it^^

Even in 1v1 I can’t play the game from imp on.