(Announced) Big aoe4 Patch [August?]

Dear Devs,

in the preview of the last patch, a “big” patch was announced, which will follow up.
What would it mostly be about, contentwise and about when will it get launched?

A lot of people are currently hoping for more clarity about the roadmap of aoe4.
Would be really nice if you gave you a short statement about it.


No big patch has ever been announced for August as far as I am aware.

Here’s what we know that has been confirmed publicly:

From: Age of Empires IV - Season Five Patch 7.1.113 - Age of Empires

"Coming Up…
Late Summer Patch
Work continues supporting Season Five with additional minor patches like this one. We are currently eyeing our next minor patch to align in late summer for lighting up seasonal events, more balance fine-tuning, and additional bug fixes. "

Late summer as this is largely a northern hemisphere dev team (with some help from the southern hemisphere) means anything could happen up to Sept 20th.

After that…the only confirmed patch we have coming is the Xbox console release which will probably include some bug fixes at minimum. Unfortunately, I don’t think anything else has been actually said or confirmed. Hopefully, lots of fun stuff is coming, but I do not know :man_shrugging: I don’t use twitter/x now whatever it is so I don’t know what has been posted on those social media channels.

We have the right to be worried or concerned about the future of AoEIV, but I like to think about this in a logical way. Unless we get an official confirmation that the game is dead and no more work will be done, I take it as work continue to be worked on this game as previously planned and that they’ll announce a new roadmap whenever they feel ready for it.

I’ve my fingers crossed that we will hear something in this years Gamescom. A big title like AoEIV will not just disappear without any official comment made either by Relic and/or Microsoft.


My blind hope, perhaps in vain, is that all this silence is because they are buying Relic or buying the Essence engine and will be able to go ham/fully collaborate in house on stuff afterwards. If they are just going, “Relic lost some employess, proceed as planned, albeit more slowly”…well I would just be very sad.

There will never be an ‘official confirmation’ the game is dead. They’ll just stop doing things.


Roadmap is a must, that way people can decide if follow the game or just ignore it.

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hey i think i saw that the people fired, they weren’t developers, they were marketing and community people, so it doesn’t mean they are not working, but they are not communicating. if no one from official says you can talk about the game, you can’t do it, if i’m a developer, i can’t say anything about the future of the game.


I think at this point, most people just want a official comment that they are indeed continuing to work on the game not as much what they are working on, that we have to wait for a roadmap to see whenever it comes.

And I disagree with this comment, just like Blizzard announced that Heroes of the storm would stop receiving updates & new content and go over to maintenance mode, the same has to happen with AoEIV. At least I hope so because again this is their best selling Age title to date, and it has enough active players each day to be worth continuing production on it.

Hence, if they just leave it and never come back it’s not good publicity for Microsoft nor Relic. Think logically.

This is how a company should treat there newest game and player base. If aoe4 doesnt succeed microsoft has themselves to blame. Constant bug fixes, updates and new content should of been added to the game. Warhammer III and aoe 4were released around the same time. Warhammer III had lower player count then aoe4 at one stage. Now one has average 20k players other 8k

That’s not the practice here…
AOE1DE is still not officially abandoned.


So no new info?
No major patch coming soon?
Aoe4 is still in pretty terrible state with tons of bugs, quite an unfinnished game.
If no big patch is coming soon, this game has no hope.

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I don’t know what, I don’t know with what, but trust me on the 22 an update comes out, big or small, but it comes out, these are nostradamus predictions.

NDA it seems to me that he was writing, a good pre-death experience, I think he was referring to the code that does not allow him to unveil incoming content.

By saying that something would come, developers know a lot, they simply cannot express themselves because of corporate laws.

Wait…we dont get a big patch this month do we?

Probably, here we just talk, if you get bored, just make your choice and move accordingly, no obligation, that’s how the market works.

It’s only 4 days until then.
I am hoping for huge patch with lots of work put into it to make aoe4 a full release game, up from beta state.
Fix pathing, fix attackmove, fix garrison direction, fix ram stuck wiggle, fix …
Many many many important fixes are still missing after this game was announced years back and has been priced for 60€ and been advertised as a GIANT triple AAA competitive rts.
Still waiting for the DEVs to keep their (until now) empty promises.

If no deliver, I guess I’ll finally say bye bye.

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The big patches are the Seasonal updates. Regardless of what you’re wishing for, you’re not going to see that so soon.

given the no roadmap situation, it seems like it could be anything really, not strictly a new season, also locking meaningfull updates behind seasons was a collosal ###### from the get go


It’s just a release schedule at the end of the day. Seasonal updates every three (ish) months, monthly patches inbetween.

Bigger things take time, smaller things take less time.

But yeah, not having a roadmap or anything like that puts it all up in the air.


So soon? The game had been in developement for multiple years before release.
Now it’s been out of almost 2 years.
This is not soon, it is HIGH TIME to finally FIX this broken, unfinnished game.