[Announcement] Civbuilder Showmatch (Hallis vs. Modri)

I’m excited to announce and present the official Civbuilder showmatch! Have you ever wondered what top players could do with custom civilizations? Well now’s your chance to find out! Hallis and Modri will be playing 5 games at 18:00 GMT this Saturday, January 8th with their own civilizations. Come watch LordYorric cast the games on Twitch where I will be co-casting with him!

The games will be played on the following maps: Arena, Gold Rush, Islands, Nomad, Black Forest. Players have made custom civilizations using the civbuilder website. They will start game 1 with their own civilization, and then for each following game, the loser will get first pick of their opponents’ civilizations. More details on the format here.

Get ready for crazy civilizations and even crazier strategies!


Did you make the civbuilder? I’m asking based on your username and topic.

Yes, I did [here are some extra characters aoe2 forums]

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Right. You realize how badly that’s flooded the mod’s section right? Also, I have a recommendation for designing the civ icons. It’s cool, but it really doesn’t fit with the game UI. What you should do ideally, is give a selection of shield shapes, and then add a fader to make it look like a more realistic shield, making the civs look more like they belong in the game. Also, some of the bonuses you made up are quite cool, I have to admit.


Also, I don’t do streams, but if you put the games on YouTube, I might watch them, I suspect there will be others who feel the same way.


I completely agree that it causes an issue in the mods section, but that’s a problem with the mod workshop and I can’t really do anything about it. As for suggestions about the website, there’s a place for them on my discord. I get to them when I get the chance. That exact idea with the shields has actually been presented before, but is a bit more complex for me to implement than it would seem at first. I encourage people that want more fitting icons to make edits to the files after they’re generated from the site (I will post some tutorials on how to, for example, add your own image icons soon). I will indeed put the games on YouTube as well!


Ok, cool. I know it’s not your fault with the mods thing being flooded, but it still is annoying. They really need to add a separate category for mods from your civbuilder.


What you could do is prepare the generated mods that they are listed as private, so when someone upload the pack it will be uploaded with the private option.
I was going through all pages after they added page selection and this kind of mods have 99.5% no subscribers. If someone really have the intention for shre it he can still make it public, but I’m sure most of the people just upload it and let it how is, and because sotl showed it in his video like that.

If you compare the mod uploads of before and now, that what is uploaded now is just pure trash and wasted resources. Nobody except Singleplayer or groups of friends play this data mods, so they could share the mods between each other when there is interest, but right now it just hiding possible quality uploads.

Of all uploads right now only around 450 pages in total are non cov builder uploads. After page ~450 it’s almost impossible to find other mods, in total around 50.

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How people use his tool is beyond his control.

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Totally, it’s just that he created something that now isn’t being used in the best possible manner. Not his fault though, the devs really should refile and/or delete all the the civ builder mod entries.


He still can it a json file in the mod zip that default is unlisted or non public, and not public when uploaded, so when someone upload the mod it stays unlisted until the uploader change the option manually.
It’s not his fault and in his hand how people use it but he is the source and there is a way to prevent the spam and a way to stop destroying the mod section for other people.
Also me or nobody force he to something, it’s just a suggestion from me, and a hint from other’s.

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I am very happy and look forward to this showmatch.
It’s a very interesting idea and concept and I am happy you found some pros that have a long age2 history and experience. It looks like even these very experienced players still yaw for new, creative play concepts.

Pretty sure we will see some “total domination” matches there, but hopefully also some unique and interesting approaches to the game playing out against each other.

This is cool. I like your draft system.
I hope Hallis and Modri will submit some pairs of civs where both are rubbish :wink:

Shouldn’t it start now?


is offline currently.

I missed match 4, but the other matches were pretty entertaining imo.
Can somebody recap game 4?

Game 4 was a nomad game. Hallis got his boar lamed early, among other things, so he attempted to come back by dropping a bunch of Castles. Suffice to say, Hollis lost a bunch of villagers doing that, but he did manage to shoot down one of Modri’s Castle and TC in the process.

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Lol every of this games had it’s individual story.
Like the last one. Never expected a goth flood deciding a black forest map. That sneaky vills placing barracks on the sides that the flooded the base was insane. I mean, it was a showmuch but the games were actually so funny and entertaining to watch… I’d love to see more of this.

Seems like the pick method of @KrakenLord9254 worked perfectly. Really entertaining, very unique games that were actually surprisingly “even” for that format.

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When will it go to YT? Or where, if it already has.

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please tell me there will be more. this was right up their with hidden cup in enjoyability. i would love to see more showmatches or even events with the build your own civ

TWest just uploaded it 1 hour ago:


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