Announcing the AoE4 Australian Championship 2022, and a Discord server dedicated to the Oceania based AoE4 community

Hi everyone,
I’m building a dedicated server for the AoE4 community based in Australia, NZ, and the surrounding areas. I want the server to be a community-driven home for people of all skill levels to hang out, organise games together, and compete in tournaments at a time of day more favourable to us!

To kick things off, I’m announcing the Australian Championship with a total prize pool of $1000. The championship will be played out across three tournaments, with one held towards the end of each ranked season. After a tournament, high finishing players will earn points towards a leaderboard. The player with the most points at the end of the three tournaments will be declared the 2022 AoE4 Australian Champion. The first tournament will take place on 18/06. Registration will open closer to the date. Further details can be found on the Discord.

I’m also looking for volunteers. As a community-driven project, the more people that put their hand up to contribute, the more we can do. There are many ways you can help out. In particular, if you’re interested in any of these things please let me know:

  1. Streaming and/or casting
  2. Hosting different kinds of tournaments (e.g. team games, ffa, etc.)
  3. Spreading the word via social channels

Discord: Age of Empires 4 Australia

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