Another arena game destroyed by khmer+burmese

when Devs gonna fix?

it seems they dont even know whats wrong



Those civs are fine but Khmer need some revision on Battle Elephants.

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seems u are dev when u say burmese fine.


No need for drastic changes

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The Burmese especially with their sick UU “Arambai” are totally stupid, they are too strong and nothing can stop them. 10 units of Arambai can make a big damage

And 20 xbow can destroy them…

Actually Arambai needs a lot of micro or you will lose very hard.

But a small cost change isn’t bad, perhaps 100 wood, 70 gold

And Skirmishers

With their mobility you can do many things and easly avoiding the xbows and move from point to another, i think they really need a nerf

What?! 100 wood 70 gold?! Hahahaha are you serious?!

Edit: It feels so cheap so we need more

PS: Is a joke man

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I think the best thing that they can do about the arambai is decreasing their attack

Just a increased training time and +5 gold cost

Khmer Battle Elephants are still stupidly broken.

Double Castle Arambai requires 0 skill, you don’t even need to micro your arambais, just click on the enemy units.

Arena TeamGames are so fun, Burmese Double Castle then Khmer boom destroy everyone…


at least one guy in forums understands.

more than i expected.


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People who are decent at the game and play Arena TGs understand this.

Arambai base damage against buildings has to be nerfed to 1.


Khmers need to be nerfed, their elephants are so much better than everyone else’s. Also the farm bonus should be tweaked…

Reduce the damege that arambai deal on building in castle age seems the way to go,
Other suggested changes would make the unit useless, in a different context than a clown map like Arena. In this game, even a small change make a huge diference, is not good to completely destroy a unit just because in a particular context it is strong.

I agree, however, that Khemer’s strong economy combined with its speedy elephants is a problem, not only in Arena, but also on more open maps like Arabia. This situation has to be considered by the developers, but I hope it is under the approach they have used so far, of making small changes, and adjusting things based on how the meta evolves.

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The arambai meme strategy works on: arena, hillfort, hideout, arabia walled, any map as pkt… so no it is not only for arena players.

They just released the patch without any balance change, i think it could be because of kotd3 happening or that they are going to delay balance stuff until aoe3 DE gets released and somehow free of critical bugs.

Or because they literally announced last month they would be doing a big quarterly balance update during the October patch


My friends and I started to play with sling when we saw burmese+khmer combo in arena. It has worked well so far but its not like you want to sling every game to counter those toxic strats :confused: