Another Donjon Buff Idea

So after the nerf, sicilians do need a buff and i think the thing to target is their donjons+serjeants department since atm they simply cost too much for what they offer as iìve said many times

so i think for donjons that, alongside a 25W cost reduction to make it cost the same wood as a tower, donjons should not have a cap on extra arrows based on garrisoned unit. basically atm you can garrison up to 10 vills, but you do not get extra arrow after the first regular 5 vills garrisoned. to make this quirk of the donjon useful (extra garrison space) we should let donjons shoot extra arrows if more units are garrisoned


  • minus 25W
  • No cap on extra arrows for garrisoned units (villagers/archers)

That no cap on arrows is largely useless imo, as garrisoning is mostly unused.

Id reduce the cost and increase the number of base arrows as you age up


How about spawning 1 Serjeant upon reaching feudal for free at the TC so you can then send him to make a fwd donjon with no eco losses. Or have him accompany your maa rush. It would be a cool flavor change, spicing it up just a tiny bit more. Potentially overpowered 11.


You mean from 1 arrows in feudal to 3 in Castle and 4 in imp? Or start with 2 arrows in feudal and +1 each Age?

I know It would be a very niche buff, but at least would make the garriaon space more meaningful, and maybe make sicilians Archer more interesting

Cost decrease is a must i agree

7 extra arrows in Feudal will be broken.

They could have the Donjon provide 5 Pop space.


All we need is giving donjons free murder holes starting from castle age

Reduce the overall cost (nerf the initial stone if need it) and increase the attack as a regular upgrade tower does over the ages


You would need to idle 10 villagers to get that many arrows, which is not going to happen unless you are defending a tower Rush maybe, which is exactly something sicilians arent able to answer well now

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That would work as well, would be a much bigger buff than what i suggested though but i think donjons need a serious buff so i agree on something like that, but an extra Arrow would be cool as well, just to keep then unique over regular towers

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Makes Serjeants build and repair Donjon faster than Villagers.

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