Another FOMO event? I missed out on the 25th anniversary event!

Hi guys/moderators/designers/engineers!

Will there be another FOMO event, like there was this year? I missed out on the 25th Anniversary event: specifically the icons for the 25 birthday cake & the Winged Hussar. I didn’t scroll far down enough the 3 games events announcement, so I only did the AOE III Anniversary event…

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Also, was there a unique Main Menu background for the event? I can’t find one by Zetnus…

I thought it was the same one that was used for the AoE1 event so I didn’t upload it. Looks like it was slightly different after all.

I’ll upload it now, along with the TC mod.

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Thanks so much for this! Are you able to upload the AOEOfficial versions too? Say to like a file hoster like MediaFire?

I can, if you really want them. But you will not see any difference other than in the text of the mod description.

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I’m wondering if it’s maybe possible to “unlock” them if one has the original files?

Nope, the unlock is tied to your Microsoft account. The original files are just a mod that you are given access to once you complete the relevant challenge.

Is there anyway to hexedit the profile file in the Users folder?

I don’t have any experience with that sort of thing. Maybe there is?

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