Another Giveaway!


Each summer I play Age of Empires with my parents and cousins, with the maximum number of AI opponent, the games sometimes lasts more than 5 hours until there is a winner.


Creating a kingdom of Gaia with the map editor, where only prides of lions rule!


The first time I played the original back in 1998, one of the best time of my life! <3


Elephants army


Filling the space between my towns and the enemy towns with castles and having the last castle attack the city directly!


So a friend from school and I used to play Age of Empires 3 online for a while, always playing 2on2.
At some point we played a match against two other friends. Being experienced and used to each other as team members, we could easily dominate our friends. So I decided to start some psychological warfare to finally crush the enemies:
Before sending my troops to the enemy team, I took the time to align each troop in each wave one by one to write out some insults. I am not sure how the troop formations worked back then, but when I sent them away into the fight they actually kept their formation, resulting in laughter on Teamspeak once my friends faced their attackers through the fog of war :lol:


Build armies of priests…(with sound open ;)!)


I love this game. And whenever i do not play it, i listen to the music playlist which was on the cd. This gives me chills every time


When I came from school (I was nine years old If I remember) just to take a shower and get my hands on Age of Empires, eight hours every day, just to see my cavalry army wipe out so many villagers at old MSN gaming zone vs some unknow players.

Ah, old memories :slight_smile:


AOE still remains as one of my all-time favorite video game franchises.


Herding wolves into my enemies base!


My favorite memory has to be seeing how many bots I could could fight against on the hardest difficulty with all the bots being on a team. I got destroyed a lot XD


Having LAN games with my dad and brother and yelling throughout the house asking for resources


As a kid, liking the look of the broad swordsman so much that I always refused to upgrade them! Now at the age of 23, I’m doing a PhD in Ancient History - and trace my enthusiasm for the subject back to AoE.


Well, hello! :slight_smile:


I ended up playing a 1v1 rated game against Roy “Royster” Rabey (Royster@ES) on the MSN Gaming Zone in, I believe AoK. We talked quite a bit during the game as I was amazed I was in a game with an @ES employee. In the end, I won the game, but, in an attempt to show gratitude, I resigned anyway to give him the rating points. I thought it was a big sacrifice at the time!

We continued to talk even after the game and he ended up offering to send me a signed ‘Music from the Ages’ CD and an AoK t-shirt. The CD was signed by him, Sandyman, and the Rippy Brothers. I listen to this CD frequently to this day as it brings back awesome memories.


I think my favourite memory is on AoE2, the last mission of Saladin’s campaign. And before that, i remember playing on an extra old computer when the first AoE came out, and when installing, which took at least 30 minutes, nearly an hour, i loved how the villargers were building this monument while the game was installing.


@jennywaboom said:
It’s time for another giveaway Age fans!!

Would you like to get your hands on an awesome Age of Empires: Definitive Edition T-shirt like these lovely folks? All you need to do to enter for a chance to win is leave a comment down below letting us know your favorite memory of playing AoE games!

Submissions for this sweepstakes will be closed Monday July 17th 2017 at 10:00am PDT, and we will randomly select 3 winning comments by Tuesday July 18th 2017! We will reach out to the winners via private message here on the forums.

One entry per person.

Good luck everyone!

Converting enemies and win :slight_smile: using the opponents army :wink:


I’d love a t-shirt to wreck my friends in!


I remember when me and my friend spent hours trying to make the most fortified island we could.
Only to watch it all crash and burn before our very eyes, it was hilarious to me at the time :#