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Playing black forest in the old MSN Gaming Zone!


I started playing Age of Empires when I was three years old. I wasn’t that good, and I was much more interested in using it to build vast cities spanning entire continents and so I played on Easiest difficulty and gave myself some Big Daddies to protect me, just in case.

That said, I eventually found out what the Scenario Editor was and how it worked, so every day when I came home from Kindergarten, I would rush off to the computer to create the best cities I could using the editor, stop for a half-hour to watch my favourite show when it came on, and then it was right back to the editor. I learned more about history through Age of Empires than I did in the history classes of my schools. I would play the scenario after it was ready, and live out the lives of my civilization as best I could. I loved attaching stories to every round I played, which led me right into creating campaigns and custom scenarios when I got older, but that’s a story for another day.


Building a giant wall in AoE2 across the map, where the enemy had to way to get over. It was the best memory I had on that game, and always will be.


Best RTS ever, playing from childhood…Still playing it…Oh i love this game.


Playing it for hours till I had have the biggest empire, all started with AoE but then AoE2 release and then my dad bought another computer and with the computer he bought also AoM, I never couldn’t end that game haha, when we moved to another house a friend give me his pc and with it AoE3, I was in love with the music of the game but I missed asian civs and always went back for AoE2 now a have every DLC


My best memory was with AoE, back in the late 90s. I would wake up at 6/7 am during weekends, sneak to the pc without waking my parents up and play until my mom called me for breakfast, two or even three hours later. :smiley:

Ah, good times, good times. :slight_smile:


playing the ceasars campaing!


This is probably in the top 3 video games of all time for me.


This was the first game I played. I skipped many classes to take part in the tournament hosted by my gaming club when I was in college. Today I am a software engineer, and still play this game on my Windows 98 PC. I will play this game till I die.


My favorite AoE memory was using the ridiculous cheat codes (photon man and big daddy) to win against the easy AI because I was 5 years old and couldn’t play to save my life. But seriously, though, this game changed my life. It got little 5 year old me interested in ancient history, and to this day the era of history I find most interesting is the Age of Empires!


I remember when i first heard of cheat codes. and tried the big daddy cheat. Me and my brother were perplexed when we saw that car that looked so out of place haha . This game has so many more memories me and my brother still talk about those times today.


Rise of Rome was the first video game I had ever played, and I absolutely fell in love with it. I still clearly remember the Ave Caesar campaign, which was easily my favorite one in the game.


Upgrade to the Iron Age for the first time, looked so good.


I remember being introduced to Age of Empires for the first time at a 4H booth at the fair that was demoing something tech related. I was only 7-8 at the time so I don’t really remember what the booth was about, but I was hooked at first sight. Eventually I saved up enough money doing chores around the house to buy it and I was ecstatic! I loved history (and still do) and would play skirmishes against the AI: pretending to recreate battles from famous campaigns of the ancient and classical eras. So many happy memories, I can’t wait to relive them again :smiley:


Becoming the best at the game in my fam, especially since my Dad taught me how to play.


My father was in the Navy for most of my childhood. He was gone for 8 months, sometimes longer. When he was home, it was always a little awkward because he was never there.

One of the few ways my father and I connected were through playing AOE. He bought us a second computer for the sole purpose that we could play against each other. I would tell people at school, and they would laugh. No one had two computers back then. Spent years playing AOE games with him.

Those are some of the fondest memories of my childhood.


Spent the entire Easter weekend in 1998 playing against my 2 brothers, so little sleep, so much coffee, hundreds of elephants and juggernauts.


Playing AoE on a local network (sometimes spend more time trying to connect to each other then playing the game :smiley:) against my sister & brother. Also the amount of time i spend on the MSN gaming zone to play archer, choson, wonder wars. I’ll never forget the awesome time back then!


Age of Empires 2: Age of Kings was the first computer game I ever played. When I was 3 years old we used to visit my grandparents fairly frequently, however, there was one thing I looked forward to every time me and my brother would sleep over on the weekends… Age of Empires. My parents would not permit me to sit by the computer at home so I would, whenever I had the chance, kindly ask my grandparents if I could sit by theirs. One weekend at a time I made it through the tutorial campaign, experienced the adventures of Joan of Arc and fought in the great battles of Saladin.

When I was 6 i managed to convince my parents to download the trial versions of both AoE and AoE2. I replayed both of them over and over. I would, in the last mission of the tutorial in AoE2, get monks to convert Longbowmen from the Britons since I could only play as the Celts. At the age of 8 I finally bought AoE: Rise of Rome and my grandparents gave me their copy of AoE2.

On the 6th of April, 2013 I bought the HD Edition and I’ve been religiously buying every expansion since. The game still brings me the same joy and wonder to this very day. Age of Empires is the series that made me a gamer and I suspect it is also the only series I will play until the end.

Thank you, Microsoft, Forgotten Empires and Ensemble (may you rest in peace) for this amazing experience.
May it never end.


My first PC game ever! When I saw the Gold edition retail box!!! OMG! My favorite game.-