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Love the game. Mother of all RTS


Taunts in the multiplayer on MSN Zone… and playing the demo on my dad’s P166 Laptop at our holiday house until very early in the morning


I had this game with AOE III where I played with my ex-girlfriend against 2 computer opponents. She was defeated and I barely managed to survive. Relocating my town center several times I was finally building up my army and after 3 hours of agonizing pain was able to defeat the two computer components on my own. It was a tough game, but playing as the underdog (like a rebel) I managed to build up from hardly anything and defeat my opponents.


My favorite memories playing AOE are 15 years ago when it was the first computer game I ever bought, and it blew my mind and exploded my imagination for what a world inside a game could be. My second favorite memory was in 2012 when my wife was pregnant with our son and I taught her to play with me while she was not feeling well. The hours flew by unnoticed, same as ever. It’s truly incredible how captivating and timeless AOE is!


I was 9 years old when I installed the trial version of AoE from my Windows 98 CD and I could only play the campaigns without internet. I kept playing the mission where you start with 2 monks and have to convert the yellow’s villagers to build your own base. I remember that I got pretty excited when I could invade the red player before he exhausted his gold, so I could make hoplites and stone throwers.


I can’t forget how #wololo sound frightened me while the enemy priest converting my unit


My favourite memory was The Battle of Janiduri. I wrote a whole story on the battle in the WW thread so I’ll just paste it here:

(image is recreated based on memory and might not be 100% correct)
This was played on the original Age of Empires II: The Conquerors years before the HD Edition even came out.
Around 2009-2010, I played a normal game of Age of Empires II as one of my favourite civilisation, the Turks. Alongside me I have a Saracen, a Persian, and a Spanish ally, and against me was the Huns, the Chinese, Japanese and the Vikings. I was not expecting anything abnormal from this game. It was a really hard match, my Spanish ally was eliminated early in the game somewhere around Feudal Age. And in the middle of the great battle after the Vikings and the Chinese were defeated the Saracens were defeated too. Now the only players left were the Persian, the Japanese, the Hun, and I. The Huns were already weak, it’s just a matter of time before they are defeated too. The Persians were being attacked by the Japanese, and seeing this I stopped attacking the Huns and went to my Persian ally to help. It was a very long standoff at a shallow bridge. I remember only using Elite Jannisaries, and my enemy used mostly Heavy Cavalry Archers. Samurais and Halberdiers came in after a while, and the War Elephants also joined the battle soon. But we stayed there for a very long time. I sent hundreds and hundreds of Jannisaries to the bridge to keep my army alive. The battle lasted for around five hours (I know it’s not long but it was very long for me at that time). I finally defeated the Japanese after breaking through their tough wall of army with the help from some Trebuchets which cleared out many defensive buildings. The Huns were defeated by the Persians somewhere in the middle of the battle. I called the battle The Battle of Janiduri because I used Jannisarries and the Japanese used archers which reminds me of thorns and in Malay the word ‘thorn’ is ‘duri’. So by mixing the two words I get Janiduri. If I can somehow go through the files of my old computer, I might be able to find the saved game. But for now, I can’t look for it yet because it’s deep in the storage room after a renovation.

There is another longer battle I had last month which was really memorable, but I think that’s not as historic as this one so I guess this deserves to be here more than that one.


When I was a child I spent hours to write down all unit statistics from AOE2 on paper because I wanted to create some sort of card game with that haha


My favorite memory would have to be LAN game with my brother and I. We were playing on Black Forrest and decided to give each other time to reach Imperial Age and build an army. I was playing Celts and he was playing Franks. We fought for a good 40 minutes before i was able to push into his base and win. I still remind my brother of this moment when his ego gets to me, ill never let it down.


Nothing attracted friends and enemies alike to a lan party better than Age of Empires! There were many sleepless nights fighting off Viking invasions or building impressive trade routes with the Spanish!


My first game ever was age of Empires II. Il was 9yo. I remembered playing this game with a friend, we created custom Map in order to play against IA.
It tooks me like several months to discover there’s a single player mode with pre defined Map. I was like “OMG ITS WONDERFUL, THERE’S GOLD MINE AND RANDOM FORESTS AND OMG OMG THATS AWESOME!”
Nearly 20 years later, i’m still playing it :slight_smile:


aoe 2 was the first game i ever bought for any system, i was 10 and have been hooked ever since!


getting massive army with lots of catapults and taking over enemy cities along with converting enemy units #wololo. I love building enormous cities.


I liked playing it all the time when I was 10-11 and I would play against the easy AI so I could stomp them. Now, 8 years later I can finally play against Moderate.


Using blunt weapon against building and catch on fire
Made my best childhood memories with AoE: The Rise of Rome


Converting enemy :smiley: :smiley:


Being the first strategy game I’ve played most memories are playing Age of Emprie with my dad when I was a kid.
The campaign was very difficult for me back then. What I did more was to build scenarios in the map creator.
A game that remained in my memory forever. Now ‘Wololo’ and ‘Rogan’ are part of the ringtones of my cell phone next to R2-D2.


Mapping! I created dozens of maps for AoE1 (and 2!)


first age of empires I played during my initial days of job with my co-workers with full night outs on Fridays and Saturdays… Those days are best of my life… worked hard and had lot of fun too…


The campaign where you start with only a priest.