Another matchmaking post

I know this has been said many times before, but in the past when you were matched with people with much higher rank than you, you could just skip the match and try again.

Now, just waiting 2 minutes, you are matched with very high ranks, and if you skip the match you get a penalty.

This is happening both in the 1v1 queue and in teams. The last one I tried, 3v3, on my team 2x platinum I and platinum II, on the enemy team 3x conqueror III.

In ranked 1v1, me being platinum II, I am being paired with diamond III, conqueror I, as usual.

I think there should be a pairing cap, I know the game when it doesn’t find a match increases the elo window, but pairing a conqueror I with a platinum II or a team of 3 conqueror III with people between platinum and diamond I it’s just not a fair game, and it’s just not fun. Just don’t do it, and if you do it then don’t apply a penalty for skip these matches.

Sometimes I tried to play these games, but you end up losing the match and your time.


How long is the penalty time?

I don’t get why say for example Bronze 3 the highest they can get matched with is a silver 2?

Between 5-15 minutes.

Why? Well, because match a bronze with a platinum is hilarious.

I’ve played some rankeds where there was a bronze in my team. 3v3, gold, platinum (me) and a bronze vs high silver, and 2 platinum.

The bronze quit after 10 minutes when the french player just killed 2 vils.