Another month, patch day

Edit: Prelate fixed, just unlisted in the patch


Have to agree.
My friends on Steam are playing the new patch

I bought through Xbox and it isn’t showing an update available…

So I cant play with friends or even observe them as we are on different versions.

This is the 2ns time it has happened too.

Between this and waiting another 3 months for ranked and the appalling UI on replays i’m a bit concerned also too…

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Not only only that, but two underdog civs like Dehli got basically nerfed lul

Nonsense, the Delhi should do better now?

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Hmm maybe they didn’t document the prelate change, they specifically stated it would be changed this patch, or did they fail at changing it succesfully?

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It actually is just this

Patch now showing but error downloading :smiley:

Only HRE nerfed. The rest are buffs.

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It-it is?!