Another patch, another bug fest

Icons are blurry on 1920 x 1080 displays. Looks horrible

I submitted a bug report when in pup mode ages ago and the devs acknowledged it, YET they released it without fixing

They think saying “issue is being tracked” means they can sit back and not do anything. Im going to use that from now on

Boss: Why didnt you finish the report?

Me: Thanks for letting me know, the issue is being tracked


Keep in mind Ive spent $250 on a new monitor last year cuz last years patch messed up my display. The year before that a patch didnt let me play for 6 months cuz it kept crashing

Also, when not in “shared visibility”, building a market no longer allows you to see allied vision. So spend the whole game in the dark.

This was in BF.

I think im out. WC3 time

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The issue has already been reported in bugs section multiple times. Do you really think they can create a fix in less than 24 hours ?