Another potential maphacker spotted [Conq1 solo]

The player

The match

I’d like you guys to have a look into this match.
The one he just played on high-view, an hour ago.
He played Japan against my Malians.
The waypoints of his scout are quite suspicious and he manages to bring back 15 sheep in one go back to his towncenter at arround 5 minutes.
He does not always click straight at the sheep and changes his paths, but his scout never misses any sheep when travelling in the area around them.

Interestingly, he runs straight to my hunt with Onnas early.

Also, as I failed to scout my 2nd mine early on (dumb me!), I went to build the 2nd pitmine veeeeery far off my city, towards the bottom left corner of the map.
To predict this, not having seen my villagers move, he would have to anticipate this.
He rans straight to my pitmine with one of his Onnas, as if he knows that I’m mining there.

These things keep happening throughout the match.

I won eventually, but this match made my head spin, quite a stressful one as my enemy seemed to be knowing what and where I am doing things or is just a master of anticipation.

This guy had been Conqueror in 1v1 every season except of season2, where he was Diamond.
If he really did maphack, god knows how many hundreds of matches of other players he had destroyed.

I just watched this guy’s replay, where he played RUS against Delhi on Lipany, about 3 hours ago.
It as well looks EXTREMELY suspicious.

It is also very weird, that this guy spares large parts of the map of scouting, where there are no sheep or deers.
Like he knows there is nothing to find.

He has played over 3500 matches on that account.
If he actually hacked and just a small percentage of these matches was played with maphack, that would mean hundreds of matches were destroyed by him.

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