Another thank you to the devs

As most of you are probably aware, a few days ago the “Defitinite Edition” of another very popular and beloved videogame franchise from late 1990s and early 2000s was released and to the dismay of its fans, it turned out to be an unfinished mess, rushed out of the door to earn a quick buck on top of the fan’s nostalgia.

With these events in mind, I come here to once again thank the AOE3:DE dev team for actually respecting the fans and taking their time with DE. The game is in a better state than ever and I keep looking forward to see what new content is coming around the corner. Keep up the great work!


Yes, thank you devs.
What game just had a definitive edition?


Indeed. The game has done a complete 180 from when it was released. So grateful to the devs! Fabulous job! keep it up!

Here’s to more support & content for 2022!


GTA trilogy Definitive Edition is a disaster indeed.

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He is talking about AoE4, which is a “definitive edition” of AoE2DE…

I don’t quite agree with AoE4 being an upgraded AoE2, but I quite agree that it’s an unfinished mess.

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Well, flashback to a year ago, when AoE3DE was an unfinished mess.

It’s as if the norm has become releasing unfinished things. One can hope that both these games will be great products in due time.

AoE3DE is definitely achieving “finished” status very soon…

They really are doing great, if they keep up. For me it will be the best Aoe of the franchise, even if its release was a “bumpy” one to put it lightly.

Thank you devs keep the good work, so we can say “shut up and take my money” xD


Did people forget the state this game was when released?

I appreciate the devs but lets not bash other DE relases when you (almost) needed RTX to play aoe3de decently.


i could play at 1440p from day 1 with me 1060, maybe i was lucky but still.

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The devs did an excellent job afterwards, pumping hotfixes and patches, and, still, they are doing an amazing job but the release was just a mess.


Im pretty sure thats not the case at all, and if it is he has no clue what so ever what he is talking about. And how do you know what he thinks? Try to stand up for your own oppinion.

I appreciate the hard work from the devs, especially guys like Interjection and the guys who came from the Napoleonic Era mod.

However RoomofEvil is correct when he refers to the disasterous and unacceptable launch. I maintain that the game could’ve had 10,000 people playing everyday to this day if FE didn’t screw up the release with countless boneheaded decisions. Rarely does a patched game recover from an atrocious launch. That is a lesson they should’ve learned from Age of Empires Online.

“A delayed game is eventually good, a rushed game is bad forever” - Miyamoto


AoE2DE and AoE3DE are the best remasters in the game industry!


I don’t think you can put a game about colonialism that censors the word colony on the same tier as something like Black Mesa.

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