Another update? 94056

no changelog on and not as a hotfix for 93001? anyone know whats in this one?


up! what is going on, would love to see a formal changelog.


I heard someone mention it was a bugfix for something, but I don’t know what. I also wasn’t aware there were major bugs that’d necessitate such a fast hotfix either, considering last patch’s bugs weren’t resolved this quickly.

Patch notes would be nice. 11

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I think they fixed the campaign achievements for RoR. I don’t know what else was fixed.

…like the again not working spectator search field 11

When I tested with egyptian campaign with hard and quit game and relaunced game that was again undone. So they didnt fix for me nothing. Only first mission remains done (only in silver) because I did it in PUP long time ago, rest gets undone when I quit and relaunch game.

Wiki says here that it was a technical patch only.

sorry to go off topic but where could I find the list all the updates?

normally it’ll be on and you choose AOE2DE

Maybe its only visible for insiders, anyways you guys continue, sorry to distract.

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And this is the one where the hotfix should be, but it isn’t:

Thank you, I got it. :slight_smile: