Anti herd mechanics (backherd) needs to be reworked or looked at!

Dealing with backherds on the game was one of the most frustrating things I ever had to deal with on the original aoe 3. Making certain games unplayable at times, of course that was more of an issue on TAD than it is on DE as you normally start with more herds near your base however this is not always the case and backherds still happen at high rate.
I understand why this mechanic is present as it prevent players from herding hunts from the enemy base back to his own however in some games this is not working as intended
In some maps hunts wont start very close from your base and it happened many times that I only needed one or two shots to get animals under my tc and on that shot they backherded
This can be a major issue in certain match ups where aggressive civs and civs with high raiding potential can take big advantage of that, especially considering how hunts move around a lot more than they used to on legacy.
If more people agree with me, I ask you devs if you please could have a look into this issue!
Maybe increasing the radius that triggers this mechanic or something.
Thank you for your time

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