Antialiasing does not work on foliage

Currently foliage looks pixelated when rendering in anything below 4k, at least in comparison to other objects in the game. They flicker and look pretty horrible when moving with the wind.

The problem is, the antialiasing options in the game do not currently influence foliage, making the option redundant. The only way I found to appropriately smoothe the foliage, was to render the game in 4k to provide an artificial AA. But, this is a very expensive solution for something that players should be able to resolve with the option already in the game.

EDIT: While the Antialiasing setting in the game by itself does not seem to influence foliage, turning Antialiasing to High (doesn’t work with Low), and then going into the NVIDIA Control Panel and setting Antialiasing - Transparency to 4x or 8x does make it slightly better, albeit at a heavy price. Despite this, animated grass still seems pixelated as it flows with the wind.

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Thank you for reporting @TheAchronic! The team will investigate.