Any Info on Ranked Play?

What info do we have on ranked play at the moment? Do we know if there will there be divisions? Seasons? Rewards?

If nothing else, I would like to see something along the lines of a Bronze → Silver → Gold, etc. type of progression.

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It’s not finished for the release so we know nothing :slight_smile:
For now you will have to check their website for your current stats (no in-game profile implemented on release).

In Company of Heroes 2 (released in 2013) you can’t see your in-game stats/profile to this day, so I wouldn’t expect much.

WC3: Reforged vibes.

What??? You can see your rank with every single civ in every different mode in coh2.
Plus you got ANOTHER rank for every premade team you have.

Ok, they made it possible to launch the website stats through your game some years back. My bad.
Still… No integrated profile in game.

Of course you can! (More than 20 letters)

You’ll have elo/mmr based matchmaking at launch. I think you’ll only be able to view your ladder position on an external site though. They said they’re planning proper seasons with rankings for 2022. So I would guess that would mean a ladder reset when the first season starts - so the next several months will be a good time to really test out a wide variety of civs and strategies.


Initially disappointed but that’s a positive take. I can look at the current time as practice.

There is ranked matchmaking, but at the beginning you will need to go to the website to see rankings.

Seasons and all of that are being added spring 2022.


Maybe they wanna hide the fact that specific (for what ever reason) privileged people had been playing for lots of time before launch LOL

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Then they would just clear the leaderboards on launch. The game just launches unfinished…

Forcing people to visit their website just to see their w/l ratio and other basic stats is a joke.

Same thing happened in some of their previous games. It’s like they try to reinvent the wheel every time they start a new project.

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