Any main korean or portuguese player? Impressions of the buff?

I would like to ask experienced korean or portuguese players about the recent buff. Have you experimented enough to discover new strategies on early game?
What about mid game, going “all in”?


I play Ports and Koreans from time to time (I play mostly Infantry civs, so Goths, Aztecs and Vikings), and my honest opinion is that it does help a lot.

Koreans are now much better on Water with the Galley Rush, and Ports can do an amazing Militia Rush if you skip Loom, or just 3 even if you do go Loom.

Main portuguese here. the portuguese buff makes all the difference, since u now get 3 extra vills that should be on gold that u can send to another res, when u drush archers. The all in is also good, since u dont need as many on gold, usually have crossbows and can even add knights from time to time, to snipe enemies mango. Still a bad 1v1 arabia civ, but a lot better ^^


Galley rush with galleys or fire galleys? (noob question, i almost never play water maps)

Well, if they had become top tier in arabia we would have noticed early… Portos are a “not arabia” civ.


Galleys. They always were the better ship, if you could mass them properly.

at the very least i expect Koreans to now be in a 3 way fight with Italians and Vikings for best water civ, maybe 4 way fight with Portuguese thrown in to the mix.
but koreans in the late game literally get a 40% discount (wood) on ships. i see no reason they shouldn’t be a top water civ.

Wished they’d Buffed the unique Ships but they stayed the Same while galleys hot better, so even less incentive to Use them/ viability.
I think HC/gunpowder needs a buff where both Portos and Korean would Profit from as Well as the other weak civs Turks and italians

They could be even stronger. Koreans have a way superior land army and land economy to Italians. And basically have a better ship discount than Vikings plus fire galleys.

Turtle ships are incredibly strong if used the right way.