Any more civilizations left?

I can tell you this is never going to happen, just think about it. Different periods, units, skins, architecture, graphics,… and not to mention that it would be weird to see cannon galleons fighting with roman era triremes and hand cannons with legions.

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It kinda was, called Age of Empires online.

Ah the forgotten cousin…

The gameplay isn’t bad, in fact AoE4 is so much like it in mechanics it’s almost insulting to call the gameplay worthless. It was the online gimmickry p2w that ruined it!

Last of all, it would be funny to put it in the Guinness Book of Records for the most civilizations in one game. Well, if they can keep going to say, up to 100 civilizations?! That’s quite a feat!

That khitaab is already with paradox games. Nobody can beat them.

Question: if AoE DE does get integrated what would the name be of the game? Merge of Empires? Rise of Empires? Hell next thing could be AoE3 DE integrated using AoE2DE genie engine. I do like to see this happen, but with the chat censor removed or optional. If that happens I’d buy in a heartbeat. Make everything moddable too.

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Age of Please No, I beg you


Age of Messed Up Empires


Aoe2 still needs Nepalese, Bhutanese, Tibetians, Thai, Nubians, Armenians, Swiss, Georgians, Romanians, Papal States, Venetians (split the italian civ and make italians genoese)