Any news so far for II,III,IV?


Hey guys, i wasnt online here for a long time. As i am a frequent user on TA i put AoE games on my wishlist and looked for any news on their page, but there was nothing to see. So i thought maybe the Forum has some interesting news. It has been over a year now and i can’t find any information on the upcoming games so far. Even all the Gaming-Events brought no news for them. Are the games supposed to be released any soon? Or at least some notes from developers?


Nope. For all we know they could have been cancelled.


Microsoft has repeatedly confirmed that they are actively developing those previously announced games. There have been no announcements regarding additional information, though, so those confirmations do not tend to make it onto the forum posts.


Fake news. Wait until it is officially stated. Don’t go on rumors. Thank you.


Please wait until March, most likely a big news is about to be dropped.


Whoa, wait?

I never said it had been cancelled, or that it was a rumour.

All we’ve got to go on so far is an announcement from two years ago.


Are you from the future @AAHale? It has only been 18 months since Gamescom 2017.


You implied. Therefore, I can say it is based on a rumor. Implications leads to belief, so it is better to suppress them as soon as possible. (Also, the use of “we” which means there suppose to be a group, so I am clearing y’alls doubts) And finally, there has been no news, please have patient. They only said, “Yes, we are making a new AOE, please stop poking us now.” Yet we are still doing same.


March? Well, at least something. Nah, i just was curious and thought i may missed something. Since AoE had some bad history because of AoEO i was afraid of AoE Series being cancelled or otherwise affected negatively. Good to hear, that development is still going on. I was not poking, just wanted to be up to date.
Thanks anyway


@cenGii91 I would encourage you to follow the official Age of Empires accounts on social media. These official forums are usually the last place where news and announcements are posted.


I don’t use that kind of media actually. Just recently deleted my FB account, so i guess the official homepage should be my source


Yes, facebook should be burned to the ground (and twitter and likes). That thing was a privacy violator when it was a smaller project, and it still is. Only difference, now it contains billion account rather than few ones from dorm occupants.