Any old school MSN Gaming Zone players?

@gosuKOTG said:
14.) l2ain_2_Search
15.) l2ain_2_KaiSeR
16.) tOrMeNtIuM

**** i remember these guys well, they were on my friends too =) vfc_rack here

Wasn’t it tOrMeNtIuM who created the hacks for aoe?

“Any old school MSN Gaming Zone players?”


Hah, I loved the 3v3 and 4v4 RM games. Excellent times. Anything could happen :slight_smile: I was never expert or super competitive but I definitely had some fun. Multiplayer against other people was a completely different beast than playing against the computer, and so much better.

Deathmatch mode was never my thing. I tried it just a few times, but wasn’t as fun without the buildup.

Does anybody remember the Tiny Map or Small Map Nomad games? Hahah, those were a riot! Completely different game, and hilarious and fun. Watch out for those lions, lol. Villager brawl!

15 inch monitor and dialup internet, haha. I remember I found the game because I helped my sister’s friend’s family with a computer problem, and then they had AOE which they got with their computer. The let me try it out since they never used it. They never got the CD back, lol.

I remember… the 2 buddies that I played with (buddies from real life also) on rare occasions (just a few times) we would have our computers in the same house and try playing online. We went through utter hell trying to get the connection working so we could all play in the same game against other people online. For some reason there were serious network issues trying to do that. We had to use a 3rd party software tool called DXPort to manage network ports for the game or something… and it seemed like it still only worked 1/10th of the time. That was a nightmare, but it was so fun whenever we got it working. Ha, the DXPort website is still up -

That Zone screenshot is classic @BoU :slight_smile: I’ll see if I have a screenshot to add.

_RCF_Chrono here.


Btw does anyone know what happened with ROR tournament winner Maimin_Matty? This guy dominated aoe in the early days along with the_sheriff and some more.

Guys we remember msn gaming zone , game was clearly, chat was easy, find member was easy , all was much easyer then this xbox live… and was 1998 … The game now its funny but whis damned platform is not so useful . What u think about?

@DingyCupid64605 said:
MSN zone was awesome back in the day! I remember the ‘elite’ players would play speed 1.0, no fog, RM games. I remember my dial up connection would only last 2 hours before dropping, so I had to make sure I timed the start of games just right!

Anyone remember these players?!

of course i remember them.

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@gosuKOTG said:
14.) l2ain_2_Search
15.) l2ain_2_KaiSeR
16.) tOrMeNtIuM

**** i remember these guys well, they were on my friends too =) vfc_rack here

Wasn’t it tOrMeNtIuM who created the hacks for aoe?

yep that’s him. he made that resource hack that never showed up in the timeline/eco stats. same for aoe2 i believe. but he did create voobly, so he’s half hero i guess!

remember those macros people used to use for DM? instead of CTRL-B and click legions you just pressed 1 button and it it would zoom through all your barracks? xD

Yeah played loads on MSN gaming zone was Hey_l3lade, anyone who was part of the Hey clan?


Good to see you Spooge_R S!

Hey Donkey!

You two beautiful creatures!

AoE was the pinnacle of online clans and gaming for me. This and BFV…


I was LDZ_Thunder168 and or LDZ_YOZA from the lordz clan I miss my old mate LDZ_Akiraza

Hi, ADN_X_Wise_X_ here

I used to play a lot of DM, no priest/no walls/“NO ROOKIES”, XD, oh man those days…

i remember some of my Clan friends ADN_X_TrOnAdOr, ADN_X_DaRkFoX, used to play RoR all day and night… i wish i could meet them again some day.

and remember some of my oponents, at least the Clans… Trucido_ / eSp / ToXic / MaJiK / ImA / DRaGoN / 187_

those were some intense matches, miss those days a LOT.

NT_Daz. NT_gnilzzaD, llamma, _ToShiDo_BlaDe checking in

Yeah I played AoK and some AoC in the zone. I think my username was SemperFi and maybe El_Chulo or something silly like that - oh to be a teenager again.

I was never expert, mainly because I didn’t hotkey everything…but I preferred the DM blackforest matches with no rules. Played some awesome matches that lasted hours sometimes!

only players I really remember were AxeDreaD, BestialFury.

O yeah, the good old ZONE man! I played on it since i was 12/13.

I was on the MSN Zone back in 98+. Some of my best gaming experiences there. Was in the LORD clan primarily, I only remember the guy who started it was Kevadonis.

Been loyally playing all this time, definitely glad AOE II HD came out to keep it going and breathe new life. Very much looking forward to AOE IV.

I played at the msn gaming zone. I was so young that i had no idea what i was doing. But at least playing with a friend of the same age was fun.

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I’m an old school player from MSN Zone too, started playing 1997 Age of Empires up to The Conquerors… until they shut down the server. Big time RM and DM player.

@bugzvanni Glad to have you with us! You’re considered part of the original crew that helped stand this “Empire” on its feet :slight_smile:!

I am an old schooler too. Started at the beginning with Notorious clan. I was also in Lord for awhile, as LORD_Slayer. Then was in DBD, but found my permanent home with TsC_. I was TsC_BaTTouSai. I remember L_Clan’s WCL tournaments to this day. Miss the good ole days. After MSN shut down, I moved on and played AOE3 and Mythology. I was better at AOE3, top 50 ranked when it was big, but AOC was and always will be my favorite game.

Thank you my friend LordXoom.

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